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Dump the Myth That Obamacare Froze Out Republicans Mar. 21, 2017

Froma Harrop

It's true. The Affordable Care Act was passed without a single Republican vote. Republicans repeated... Read More

Jim DeMint's Little Platoons Versus Big Government Mar. 14, 2014

Tim Graham

Liberals view the term "compassionate conservatism" as an oxymoron. How could it not be so? they ask... Read More

Republicans in Panic Dec. 06, 2012

Mark Shields

Sen. Jim DeMint, the uncompromising South Carolina conservative whose average personal net worth of ... Read More

The Reagan in Romney Mar. 22, 2012

Lawrence Kudlow

The late William F. Buckley Jr. naturally put it best when he said: "The wisest choice would be... Read More

You Can Stop Paying for Al Gore's Mistake Nov. 29, 2010

Debra J. Saunders

In Greece earlier this month, Al Gore made a startling admission: "First-generation ethanol, I ... Read More

Immigration Policy Defies Simplistic Solutions Jul. 18, 2010

Daily Editorials

Americans should demand more from their public policy makers than bumper-sticker rhetoric like "... Read More