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Obama: From Liberal to Invisible (and Still Too Liberal) Mar. 18, 2011

Dick Morris

Dick Morris, one of the nation's most prominent political consultants, is almost universally credite... Read More

Obama's Selective Anger Mar. 17, 2011

Mona Charen

President Obama is known for his cool. He's been called "No drama Obama" by some of his as... Read More

Here, on the Other Side of the Ring of Fire Mar. 17, 2011

Alexander Cockburn

Americans read the increasingly panic-stricken reports of deepening catastrophe at Fukushima 1, spee... Read More

Japan: Just Not Funny Mar. 17, 2011

Tim Graham

Watching video clips of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the aftermath are, well, shocking, e... Read More

Tragedies Spawn Crime Mar. 17, 2011

Diane Dimond

Another tragedy born of Mother Nature — this time a 9.0 earthquake and a gigantically devastat... Read More

Japan's Drama Plays Out on the Small Screen Mar. 16, 2011

Roger Simon

I watch the catastrophe play out on television. In Japan, a baby is lifted from the rubble and swath... Read More

POTUS' Attention-Deficit Disorder Mar. 16, 2011

Oliver North

WASHINGTON — Try this for a timeline of recent events that affect Americans, and see whether y... Read More

NPR's Ridiculous Denials Mar. 15, 2011

Tim Graham

In the public policy conversation today, there is nothing funnier than hearing the leadership of Nat... Read More

Nuclear Power Feeling New Heat Mar. 15, 2011

Daily Editorials

Our hearts and prayers continue to go out to the people of Japan in the wake of the earthquake and t... Read More

No Nukes Is Good Nukes Mar. 15, 2011

Robert Scheer

When it comes to the safety of nuclear power plants, I am biased. And I'll bet that if President Bar... Read More

Japanese Earthquake Looters -- MIA Mar. 15, 2011

Larry Elder

"Why no video of looters in Japan?" Japan's prime minister calls the 9.0 earthquake and t... Read More

Mother Nature Defeats Best Laid Plans Mar. 14, 2011

Froma Harrop

A wall of water now rules our freak-of-nature nightmares. Like the whirling funnel that drops down f... Read More

The Other Tsunami Mar. 14, 2011

Dennis Prager

It is very difficult to hate babies. It takes a special person. As morally wrong as it is to murde... Read More

Last Weekend Mar. 14, 2011

Susan Estrich

"Did you have a nice weekend?" a friend asked on Monday, before recounting all the fun thi... Read More

Can Japan Rise Again? Mar. 13, 2011

Patrick Buchanan

We can thank Providence that the earthquake was not 150 miles closer to Tokyo, else Japan's dead mig... Read More

The Mosque Controversy Aug. 30, 2010

Thomas Sowell

The proposed mosque near where the World Trade Center was attacked and destroyed, along with thousan... Read More