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'The Disaster Artist': James Franco and Seth Rogen's Affectionate Salute to the World's Worst Movie Dec. 01, 2017


Watching "The Disaster Artist," James Franco's new movie about the making of the wonderfully horribl... Read More

Lynda Hirsch on Television -- Q&A Aug. 22, 2015

Lynda Hirsch on Television

A: A bit of both. From Wikipedia (a useful resource for understanding the myriad of soap opera plotl... Read More

What's Up With 'The Interview'? Dec. 30, 2014

Debra J. Saunders

"The Interview" is a funny movie that does a stand-up job showcasing how a not particularly serious ... Read More

'Chef,' 'Neighbors' and 'Palo Alto': Foodies, Frat Boys and Teenage Wasteland Revisited May. 09, 2014


Jon Favreau's new comedy, a sort of food-porn road trip, is as light as a soufflé but solid as ... Read More

'Pompeii' and 'Maladies': Kit Harington vs. The Volcano, James Franco at Low Ebb Feb. 21, 2014


In a nutshell: Mount Vesuvius, a volcano in southern Italy, erupted in A.D. 79, obliterating the nea... Read More

Sarah Silverman's Insult Act Gets Old Jan. 03, 2014

Tim Graham

Sarah Silverman celebrated Christmas in her usual mode: mocking Christians and religion in general. ... Read More