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Erdogan's Hagia Sophia Distraction Masks His Mounting Problems Jul. 29, 2020

Austin Bay

In a desperate attempt to remain in power, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has dealt the Turk... Read More

Do We Have Hamas in the US Congress? Mar. 17, 2019

Wayne Allyn Root

Radical, extreme, lunatic Democrats are in charge. The things they are saying are unimaginable in ou... Read More

Is Islamic Terror America's Future? Jun. 17, 2016

Patrick Buchanan

If the cliches hold — nothing succeeds like success, the past is prologue — this generat... Read More

Terror Fight: Stay Cool and Calculated Mar. 30, 2016

Daily Editorials

Not again. Even on Easter, innocent people were slaughtered by terrorists. At least 72 people were k... Read More

Will Next Investigation Be: Who Let Islamic State In? Jan. 13, 2016

Terence Jeffrey

"Our last message is to the Americans," Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said in an audio recording released on ... Read More