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The Trump Administration is Caught in a Lie About Its Child-Separation Policy Jun. 04, 2021

Daily Editorials

It should come as no surprise to anyone anywhere that the Trump administration lied about its policy... Read More

Trump's Asylum Rule Prevents Open Border Jul. 23, 2019

Daily Editorials

The Trump administration last week put a new asylum rule in place that aims to stem the tide of migr... Read More

Firing Homeland Security Secretary Won't Solve Trump's Immigration Woes Apr. 09, 2019

Daily Editorials

President Donald Trump decided Sunday to force the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstj... Read More

Refugees and, Maybe, What to Do About Them Apr. 09, 2019

William Murchison

We just can't kick the habit. Or the media can't, which comes to the same thing, given the media's h... Read More

Must Fix Crisis at Southern Border Apr. 04, 2019

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

Something must be done. A policy crisis has turned into a security crisis, and now a humanitarian cr... Read More

Build a Moral Wall -- and Gate Nov. 28, 2018

Terence Jeffrey

The United States of America granted lawful permanent resident status to 1,127,167 immigrants in 201... Read More

'Abolish ICE' Zealots Occupy Fantasy Island Jun. 27, 2018

Michelle Malkin

"No ban. No wall. No borders at all." That is the radical rallying cry of the Democratic Socialists ... Read More

Twitter's Traitors May. 11, 2016

Michelle Malkin

Social media giant Twitter's got 99 problems, yet the politically correct company is far more worrie... Read More

Security Dies Where Multiculturalism Thrives Dec. 16, 2015

Ben Shapiro

While Americans fret over Donald Trump's plans to ban Muslim immigration to the United States tempor... Read More

The Bogus Refugee Holocaust Comparison Nov. 25, 2015

Joseph Farah

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D. - Ill., is playing the Holocaust card in defending Barack Obama's insistence... Read More

Correction: Obama Is Not a Liberal Apr. 10, 2015

Jamie Stiehm

WASHINGTON — Let me count the ways that President Barack Obama is not a liberal. Obama ran as ... Read More

Racial Profiling Not the Issue Jan. 17, 2014

Linda Chavez

Racial profiling, which has always been a thorny issue, is about to get a lot more complicated. In a... Read More

When is the Homeland Secure Enough? Nov. 30, 2013

Diane Dimond

Readers of this column know I spend a considerable amount of time dissecting what's wrong with our c... Read More

Big Brother Has Arrived Nov. 16, 2013

Diane Dimond

So, George Orwell was off by 64 years. In 1949, Orwell's masterpiece novel, "1984," wove ... Read More

Insecure Communities May. 04, 2011

Debra J. Saunders

San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey explained in The San Francisco Chronicle's Sunday Insight hi... Read More

Blocking the Sunshine Mar. 20, 2011

Daily Editorials

The Obama administration displayed the hypocrisy of its claim to be a transparent government in demo... Read More

Naked Truth: Are Travelers Happy to Bare All in the Name of Homeland Security? Nov. 29, 2010

Jacob Sullum

According to the Transportation Security Administration, Americans have no problem with the new airp... Read More

Janet the Deporter Oct. 10, 2010

Patrick Buchanan

Is "Big Sis" one of us? Janet Napolitano, secretary of homeland security — Big Sis ... Read More

Immigration Policy Defies Simplistic Solutions Jul. 18, 2010

Daily Editorials

Americans should demand more from their public policy makers than bumper-sticker rhetoric like "... Read More