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Disclosure Obligation Jun. 30, 2020

The Real Estate Expert

Litigation alleging "failure to disclose" has increased over the last several years. California disc... Read More

Red Flags in Your Home Inspections Mar. 10, 2020

The Real Estate Expert

Whether it's a $300,000 condo or a $4,000,000 home, stuff happens. If you're buying a piece of real ... Read More

Knowing the Deal Breakers Jan. 14, 2020

The Real Estate Expert

All real estate agents love boasting that they've rarely had a property fall out of escrow. As every... Read More

Best Deals When Going on and off the Market Nov. 05, 2019

The Real Estate Expert

How long do I need to own a property to qualify for the $250,000 or $500,000 capital gains exemption... Read More

Shopping for a Bargain Is Not Your First Priority Oct. 08, 2019

The Real Estate Expert

The word "bargain" is not defined the same by all, and there may be reasons not initially clear as t... Read More

Home Seller Tax Break Oct. 14, 2018

House Calls

Ms. Lank: Please explain the IRS requirements regarding one-time $250,000 tax exemption when the eld... Read More