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It Happens All the Time: Hollywood, Washington, the Old South Oct. 20, 2017

Jamie Stiehm

Hollywood was shocked (shocked!) at the story pyramid revealing Harvey Weinstein's violent passes at... Read More

Yes, Weinstein Accusers Are Brave -- So Were Jones, Willey and Broaddrick Oct. 19, 2017

Larry Elder

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, among others... Read More

Harvey Weinstein and Feminism Oct. 19, 2017

Mona Charen

What makes Harvey Weinsteins? The chief of Amazon studios, Roy Price, has now resigned in the wake ... Read More

Beware the Rape Allegation Bandwagon Oct. 18, 2017

Michelle Malkin

"#MeToo" is the social media meme of the moment. In a 24-hour period, the phrase was tweeted nearly ... Read More

Predators like Weinstein Need Enablers Oct. 13, 2017

Daily Editorials

Harvey Weinstein used his dominant role as a Hollywood kingpin to demand sexual favors from young wo... Read More

Let's Not Neglect the Alpha Creep Oct. 13, 2017

Joe Conason

The accumulating allegations of sexual assault and harassment raised against Harvey Weinstein in rec... Read More

Drain the Hollywood Swamp Oct. 12, 2017

Laura Hollis

The spectacular (and scummy) fall of uber-producer Harvey Weinstein is front-page news across the U.... Read More

This Dark Legacy of Harvey Weinstein Is Far From Over Oct. 11, 2017

Connie Schultz

Here we are again, America, forced to face ourselves and wincing at our reflection. We now know, thr... Read More

Exit Mr. Weinstein; Hold the Tears Oct. 10, 2017

William Murchison

Harvey Weinstein was just expressing his little ol' self, right? That is what you do, even when it g... Read More

Pop-Culture Titans Bow to the Pope? Feb. 07, 2014

Tim Graham

The nastiest corners of popular culture in Hollywood and Manhattan usually love nothing better than ... Read More