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General Electric, Changing Brokers and Deutsche Bank Jan. 02, 2019

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: What do we do with 1,300 shares of General Electric, which we bought at $31? Our sto... Read More

Altria and General Electric Jun. 13, 2018

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: My stockbroker is recommending that I buy 400 shares of Altria ($23,200), the big to... Read More

Stinky GE Still a Buy Jan. 10, 2018

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: My stockbroker wants me to buy 400 shares of General Electric. Is he nuts? — J... Read More

What's Up With General Electric? Nov. 29, 2017

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: I bought 250 shares of General Electric at $27 over four years ago, and I'm tired of... Read More

In Manufacturing, Americans Are Back in Action Jul. 07, 2016

Froma Harrop

Reports of NASA's Juno spacecraft's entering the orbit around Jupiter lit a sparkler in this America... Read More

A Bully on the Congressional Playground Sep. 24, 2015

Veronique de Rugy

Merriam-Webster's definition of a bully is: "a blustering browbeating person; especially one habitua... Read More

A Slimming Giant Dec. 31, 2014

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: You once recommended General Electric at $25. I didn't buy the stock, because the co... Read More

General Electric the Cure for an Aggressive Portfolio Mar. 26, 2014

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: I know we should own some foreign stocks, but I don't want to own a stock that trade... Read More

The Biggest Lie in American Politics Jan. 24, 2011

Ben Shapiro

For decades, liberals have used "big business" as a bugaboo. Leftists say corporations are... Read More