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Susan Sarandon Is Burning for Bernie Apr. 01, 2016

Tim Graham

Actress Susan Sarandon embodies the definitive caricature of the raving socialist who brims with "co... Read More

Don't Thank Obama for Cheap Oil Jan. 19, 2016

Stephen Moore

The big fall-off-your-chair moment during President Obama's State of the Union address came when he ... Read More

The Scientific Consensus Has Been Dead-Wrong on Oil Dec. 29, 2015

Stephen Moore

It would be hard to find anyone in all of America who has been more wrong on the American energy sto... Read More

Oil, America's Inexhaustible Resource Sep. 01, 2015

Stephen Moore

"The United States of America cannot afford to bet our long-term prosperity, our long-term security ... Read More

Administration Must Change Oil Exports Policy Before Economy Starts to Tank Aug. 20, 2015

Matt Towery

Just eight years ago we were watching candidates for the GOP and Democratic nominations for presiden... Read More

Politicians for Local Control, Except When They're Not Feb. 26, 2015

Froma Harrop

The people of Denton, Texas, recently voted to ban fracking within the city limits. They were tired ... Read More

When Liberals Ignore Science Feb. 06, 2015

David Harsanyi

The New York Times claims that the vaccine controversy we're all talking about raises important ques... Read More

That Other Bush Steps in the Ring Jan. 27, 2015

Debra J. Saunders

Jeb Bush may be the front-runner in the GOP 2016 primary. He is the son and brother of former presid... Read More

Taxes Destroy Dec. 31, 2014

Betsy McCaughey

The U.S. Census Bureau announced last week that New York slipped to fourth place in population among... Read More

Lower Oil Prices Are Unambiguously Good Oct. 18, 2014

Lawrence Kudlow

Steep stock market corrections often create shrouds of pessimism that do bad things to people's brai... Read More

Curbing Carbon Vs. Rationalizing Recklessness Jun. 05, 2014

Steve Chapman

Rousing the public to do something about the growing federal debt is not easy. The dangers it poses ... Read More

We're All Just Grenades In the Partisan Wars May. 02, 2014

David Sirota

It is hardly controversial to say that one of the big turnoffs about American politics is its discon... Read More

Earth Daze Apr. 16, 2014

John Stossel

"The heavens reek, the waters below are foul ... we are in a crisis of survival." That's how Walter ... Read More

Fracking Putin's Gas Advantage: War By Other Means in the 21st Century Mar. 26, 2014

Austin Bay

Here's the bottom line for our moment in time: Vladimir Putin's Smart Thuggery has exposed Barack Ob... Read More

Facing Reality on Carbon Dioxide Feb. 25, 2014

Mona Charen

Though you wouldn't necessarily know it based on news coverage, the United States in the reign of Pr... Read More

Chill Out Jan. 22, 2014

John Stossel

The Hill, the newspaper that covers Congress, says this year, there will be a major policy battle ov... Read More

Majority Can't Take Property Rights in Zeal to Stop Fracking Jan. 21, 2014

Daily Editorials

America's new oil boom promises peace and prosperity. More energy means more jobs, higher incomes an... Read More