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A Friendship for Our Times Sep. 24, 2020

Laura Hollis

I've been thinking a great deal about the close friendship between Supreme Court Justices Antonin Sc... Read More

A Moral Citizenry Is Not a Theocracy Oct. 17, 2019

Laura Hollis

"Theocracy" is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot, and most of the people using it the... Read More

Beginning of US Slavery Aug. 28, 2019

Walter E. Williams

The New York Times has begun a major initiative, the "1619 Project," to observe the 400th anniversar... Read More

Slavery Is Neither Strange Nor Peculiar May. 29, 2019

Walter E. Williams

The favorite leftist tool for the attack on our nation's founding is that slavery was sanctioned. Th... Read More

I Stand for the Constitution Aug. 17, 2017

Laura Hollis

This country is in the grips of hysteria and mob mentality the likes of which I have never seen. Po... Read More

Trump, Republicans and the 'Principles' Question Sep. 06, 2016

Dennis Prager

All #NeverTrump conservatives maintain that their decision to never vote for Donald Trump is guided ... Read More

Justice Scalia and Constitutional Fidelity Feb. 18, 2016

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

When the sad news came of the sudden death this past weekend of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin S... Read More