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Select Material and Lay a New Bamboo Floor Dec. 27, 2018

Here's How

Dear James: I was planning to install hardwood flooring myself, but then I saw some bamboo flooring,... Read More

Installation and Care of a Sheet Vinyl Floor Nov. 08, 2018

Here's How

Dear James: I like the way sheet vinyl flooring looks in a kitchen, but at my friend's home, it crac... Read More

Ask Me Anything: Mats for Vinyl, Programmable Thermostats, Work From Home Apr. 25, 2018

Everyday Cheapskate

Just this past weekend, while selecting grout for my new laundry room floor, I did a double take in ... Read More

Ask Me Anything: Dip-It for Percolators, Laminate Floors and Unscented Dawn Nov. 30, 2017

Everyday Cheapskate

Q: I purchased an electric coffee percolator several years ago. It's still working fine, but now I'm... Read More

Subtle Ways to Streamline a Small Room Aug. 16, 2017

Small Spaces

When I walk into a small space, it takes my eyes about 15 seconds to take in the entire room and for... Read More

Finessing Your Floors Mar. 22, 2017

Small Spaces

How much time do we spend looking down? People look down in search of lost coins, but do we focus mu... Read More

Walnut and Maple Flooring Feb. 26, 2014

Small Spaces

How can you make an open floor plan feel sophisticated? The problem is that when you have a kitchen,... Read More

Beige: The Start of Something Colorful Dec. 16, 2013

Decor Score

Q: I'm decorating my new studio on a dime (before taxes!), which means I'm shopping tag sales and re... Read More

Replace Hardwood Flooring in Older House -- Avoid Problems Nov. 14, 2013

Here's How

Dear Pat: I just bought an old house and the hardwood floors look terrible. Some are buckled, cupped... Read More