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'The Hunt': Don't Believe the Hype Entirely Mar. 13, 2020


"The Hunt" is a movie you want to love. It's billed as a hyperviolent, anti-PC satire that takes aim... Read More

Elites Abandon Norms and Show Contempt for Voters on Both Sides of the Atlantic Sep. 06, 2019

Michael Barone

Wars by the elites on the people are flaring in English-speaking nations on both sides of the Atlant... Read More

The Cultural Left Goes Berserk Jul. 26, 2019

Tim Graham

You follow the antics of AOC and the so-called "Squad" of hers and you wonder if the left has lost i... Read More

'Real America' Inside the Beltway Jul. 02, 2019

Salena Zito

WASHINGTON — It is often said our nation's capital is filled with wealthy college-educated eli... Read More

America's Middle Class Will Storm the Bastille May. 09, 2019

Laura Hollis

Recent news is riddled with proof that America's soi-disant elites are the most venal, self-absorbed... Read More

Elites Are the Ones Who Are Dividing America Oct. 09, 2018

Salena Zito

McCONNELLS MILL, Pa. — Darcelle Slappy says Democrats and Republicans who live in places like ... Read More

The Tyranny of the Elites May. 10, 2018

Laura Hollis

A relative recently sent me a copy of an essay written by William Deresiewicz, "The Disadvantages of... Read More

The GOP's Secret Weapon Apr. 17, 2018

Bernard Goldberg

Paul Ryan, the GOP leader in the House, says he won't run for re-election — the latest warning... Read More

The Middle of Somewhere Apr. 03, 2018

Salena Zito

LOST RIVER, W.Va. — The tale of the enigmatic flowing river that seemingly disappears undergro... Read More

In Praise of Those Who Build Jun. 15, 2017

Laura Hollis

Father's Day is this weekend, and I find myself thinking in particular about the men who build thing... Read More

Are We Nearing Civil War? Jun. 13, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

President Trump may be chief of state, head of government and commander in chief, but his administra... Read More

The New/Old Politics of Capital vs. Countryside Apr. 28, 2017

Michael Barone

Capital vs. countryside — that's the new political divide, visible in multiple surprise electi... Read More

What the Elites Still Don't Get About American Politics Feb. 23, 2017

Salena Zito

The Democratic Party's alienation of and from working-class voters might be new. But the existence o... Read More

'America First' Is Not a Threat but a Promise Jan. 27, 2017

Michael Barone

"From this day forward, it's going to be only America first, America first," Donald Trump proclaimed... Read More

Trump Nixes Pet Projects of Liberal and Conservative Elites Dec. 27, 2016

Michael Barone

It's been a tough year for political elites, here and around the world, what with the passage of Bre... Read More

President Donald J. Trump Nov. 15, 2016

Bernard Goldberg

It's been about a week since the election and, like a lot of Americans, I'm still in a state of shoc... Read More

Donald Trump's Astounding Victory: How and Why Nov. 11, 2016

Michael Barone

Astounding. That's the best word to describe the tumultuous election night and the (to most people) ... Read More

Exposing the Elites Nov. 03, 2016

Laura Hollis

Earlier this week, in what is perhaps the best indictment of our ruling class since Angelo Codevilla... Read More

The Ruling Class Oct. 26, 2016

John Stossel

America is often described as a society without the Old World's aristocracy. Yet we still have peopl... Read More

Abstract Immigrants in an Abstract World Aug. 30, 2016

Thomas Sowell

Why would a country with the world's largest Jewish population, outside of Israel, admit large numbe... Read More