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Women Go Marching on Washington Nov. 18, 2016

Jamie Stiehm

WASHINGTON — Greetings from the bluest city in America — where Democratic melancholy run... Read More

Reconciliation Nov. 18, 2016

Mona Charen

The parades of protesters weeping, vandalizing businesses, carrying the Mexican and Palestinian flag... Read More

Our President-Elect Nov. 18, 2016

Susan Estrich

No one is more supportive of young people involved in politics than I am. Year after year, I not onl... Read More

The Discovery of America Nov. 15, 2016

William Murchison

Oh, what a great moment for America! I'd better clarify. I mean that expression of rapture not in te... Read More

Just Because You Lose Doesn't Mean You Stop Trying, or, 'Marian's Lesson' Nov. 11, 2016

Susan Estrich

If you think last Tuesday was bad, you might not have been around on election night in 1980. Now tha... Read More

Trump: I Hate to Say I Told You So -- Actually, I Really Don't Mind Nov. 10, 2016

Larry Elder

The day after one of the greatest political upsets in world history, I dug out my July 2016 exchange... Read More

Postmortem 2016 Nov. 10, 2016

Laura Hollis

Four years ago, I wrote a column that went viral, offering a few observations about President Obama'... Read More

The Challenge for Republicans Nov. 09, 2016

Mona Charen

My feelings this morning are so radically mixed that my brain resembles a Cuisinart. I cannot help b... Read More

Hillary Clinton's 5 Worst Ideas on the Economy Nov. 08, 2016

Stephen Moore

The latest spin out of Washington is that stock-market declines over the last 10 days are due to Don... Read More

Beyond Nov. 8 Nov. 08, 2016

William Murchison

The safe thing to say on an Election Day is that whoever wins, the sun will come up next day. Which ... Read More

Thinking Impeachment Nov. 04, 2016

Mona Charen

So I guess the election is not "rigged" after all, eh, Donald Trump? Every possible damaging headlin... Read More

Reality Nov. 04, 2016

Susan Estrich

This is not a show. We don't get to change the station if we don't like it. We don't get a new choic... Read More

John Kasich -- and Fellow Republican 'Never Trumpers' Nov. 03, 2016

Larry Elder

Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio, just announced his decision. For his presidential vote on a mail-in ballo... Read More

Poor Huma Nov. 03, 2016

Susan Estrich

Huma Abedin has served Secretary Hillary Clinton loyally for her entire adult life. As far as I can ... Read More

Be a Change-Maker: Elect Yourself to Be in Charge Nov. 01, 2016

Energy Express

With the presidential election just a hop, skip and several more aspirins away, now's a good time to... Read More

Oh, What a Year! Nov. 01, 2016

William Murchison

"Argh!" I think that's a reasonable, however inelegant, take on this fall's electoral fun — wh... Read More

New Face of the Republican Party Oct. 28, 2016

Mona Charen

Something quite startling happened in a close House race in northern Virginia this year. The Washing... Read More

'I Voted for A Girl': Maybe It Just Takes a Donald Trump Oct. 28, 2016

Susan Estrich

The emails started flying around last week, from a generation of women who never thought they'd live... Read More

Trump vs. Clinton: a Risk vs. a Disaster Oct. 27, 2016

Larry Elder

Two weeks left to go in the election and the electorate feels like a battered NFL fan. The game gets... Read More

Landslide? Not So Fast Oct. 26, 2016

Susan Estrich

So we have one candidate who definitely supports the Constitution and one who takes 24 hours to deci... Read More