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The 'Law And Order' President Urges Americans to Commit the Crime of Voter Fraud Sep. 04, 2020

Daily Editorials

After years of falsely claiming America's elections are riddled with fraud, President Donald Trump i... Read More

What Impeachment Is Really About Nov. 15, 2019

Neil Patel

This week, nearly two months after beginning impeachment proceedings, the Democrats finally held the... Read More

Unintended Consequence of Summer of '19 Jun. 29, 2019

Mark Shields

At least three score years ago, my savvy precinct committeewoman impressed upon me an immutable poli... Read More

A Conspiracy of Idiocy May. 25, 2018

Erick Erickson

Many people love to concoct grand, elaborate conspiracies to explain the world around them. Instead ... Read More

Keep Hope Alive Jan. 18, 2017

Susan Estrich

"I could lose my health insurance," a friend whispered to me recently. He is a freelancer with a pre... Read More

Reagan and Trump: American Nationalists Jan. 17, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

Since World War II, the two men who have most terrified this city by winning the presidency are Rona... Read More

Politics and Other Basic Irrelevancies Jan. 17, 2017

William Murchison

A new presidency looms — U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Georgia notwithstanding. (Question: Was Lewis... Read More

The Man Without a Mandate Jan. 06, 2017

Susan Estrich

It's hard to patch together a mandate out of an election that most pollsters believe could have been... Read More

So Now It's Real Dec. 21, 2016

Susan Estrich

On Monday, the Electoral College elected Donald Trump. There were more defectors than usual, but not... Read More

Two Kinds of Power Dec. 20, 2016

William Murchison

If we could just, at last, finally get the right government in! Then we'll get things fixed. What ki... Read More

This Christmas, We Need the Gift of Humility Dec. 13, 2016

Stephen Moore

"Expert, texpert choking smokers. Don't you think the joker laughs at you?" — John Lennon, "I ... Read More

This Is Not the Music of Freedom Dec. 09, 2016

Susan Estrich

When I try to come up with any way that the election of Donald Trump has hidden benefits that I have... Read More

Democrats: From Temper Tantrum to Self-Delusion Dec. 08, 2016

Larry Elder

Hard to believe, but Hillary Clinton's campaign team thinks they lost because Donald Trump ignited A... Read More

Clinton vs. Trump II, 2020 Dec. 01, 2016

Larry Elder

Every sane person expects Green Party candidate Jill Stein's attempt to overturn the election with h... Read More

Why the Pollsters Missed Trump's Victory Dec. 01, 2016

Dick Morris

Even as Donald Trump begins to form his administration, people are still wondering why the nation's ... Read More

Living in the Twilight Nov. 30, 2016

Susan Estrich

It used to be, back when I first started in politics, that I subscribed to every newspaper I could, ... Read More

Welcome to the Party of Trump Nov. 29, 2016

Stephen Moore

I stirred up some controversy last week when I told a conference of several dozen House Republicans ... Read More

Time to Get On With It Nov. 29, 2016

William Murchison

True, Reince Priebus needs to revoke the boss's Twitter access so as to head off random rants about ... Read More

Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up? Nov. 22, 2016

Susan Estrich

Politicians usually try to look like they're keeping their campaign promises, at least until they ge... Read More

The God Gap Nov. 22, 2016

William Murchison

God (lucky Him!) doesn't vote. But this indisposition does not make Him a mere spectator of our elec... Read More