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Biden Prepares to Strip College Students of Due Process Rights Mar. 12, 2021

David Harsanyi

It's worth reminding people that if President Joe Biden were compelled to live by the standards he i... Read More

The Presumption of Liberty Jan. 07, 2021

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

The concept of personal liberty is that our rights come from our humanity. If you believe in a Supre... Read More

Civil Forfeiture: When Cops Act Like Robbers Jul. 18, 2020

Corey Friedman

Without accusing him of a crime, police took Robert Reeves' car, his two cellphones and all the cash... Read More

The Biden Double Standard Apr. 29, 2020

Ben Shapiro

This week, new evidence emerged in the sexual assault allegation by former Joe Biden staffer Tara Re... Read More

The Democrats' Disgraceful Hail Mary Jan. 24, 2020

David Limbaugh

DAVID LIMBAUGH RELEASE: FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 2020 The Democrats' Disgraceful Hail Mary I don't know... Read More

Universities Routinely Ignore and Violate Basic Civil Rights Jan. 11, 2020

Diane Dimond

This column might win me no fans on college campuses, but there is something that must be said. Un... Read More

Democrats' Impeachment Hoax Will Backfire Spectacularly Dec. 06, 2019

Adriana Cohen

On Thursday, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she has asked House Judiciary Committee... Read More

Let's Make Revenge Porn an Automatic Felony Nov. 09, 2019

Diane Dimond

Rep. Katie Hill didn't have to resign, but she did. She had not been found guilty of sexual impropri... Read More

'Victims' Dictate May. 29, 2019

John Stossel

"I don't feel safe," says a Harvard student in a video. What threatens her? The dean of her Ha... Read More

Avenatti Falls Hard Nov. 16, 2018

Adriana Cohen

Karma's working mighty fast these days. Michael Avenatti, the huckster lawyer who skyrocketed to fam... Read More

Due Process in the #MeToo Era Oct. 06, 2018

Diane Dimond

The U.S. Constitution guarantees that no American citizen shall "be deprived of life, liberty or pro... Read More

Democrats' New Anti-Gun Laws Are Also an Attack on Due Process Oct. 05, 2018

David Harsanyi

The notion that certain Americans are pre-emptively guilty of wrongdoing, whether there's any corrob... Read More

We're Next Sep. 27, 2018

Laura Hollis

We're next. Yes, I mean us — the American people. At least the Christians, Jews, Muslims, cons... Read More

Can Immigrants Be Deported Without a Trial? Jun. 28, 2018

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Last weekend, President Donald Trump argued that those foreigners who enter the United States unlawf... Read More

Can Cops Get a Fair Trial in America? May. 10, 2017

Michelle Malkin

Lock your doors. Hide your children. Police officers, be on alert: Al Sharpton's cop-bashing circus ... Read More

Due Process Is Vital to Freedom Sep. 22, 2016

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

"No person shall ... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law..." R... Read More

Independence Day, 2014 Jul. 03, 2014

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

After a brief holiday last week, I returned to some heavy reading courtesy of the federal government... Read More

Another Week of Government Lawlessness May. 22, 2014

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

What if the federal government is shameless? What if it personifies the adage of do as I say and not... Read More

A Legal Way To Kill? Apr. 24, 2014

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

When President Obama decided sometime during his first term that he wanted to be able to use unmanne... Read More