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A Tale of Two White, Bigoted Team Owners Sep. 10, 2020

Larry Elder

Assuming one can still call an owner of a professional basketball team an "owner," this piece is abo... Read More

A Lesson on Racial Discrimination May. 14, 2014

Walter E. Williams

Donald Sterling, Los Angeles Clippers owner, was recorded by his mistress making some crude racist r... Read More

What Do You Say About A Vulgarian? May. 14, 2014

Susan Estrich

My friends from outside of Los Angeles are horrified. "Donald Sterling is a pig?" they say with surp... Read More

Offensive Speech May. 07, 2014

John Stossel

Last week, when the NBA banned racist team owner Donald Sterling, some said: "What about free speech... Read More

The Guest of Honor May. 03, 2014

Mark Shields

Tell me Paris Hilton will be this year's graduation speaker at MIT. Tell me Dennis Rodman is the new... Read More

Selective Outrage when It Comes to Racism May. 02, 2014

Linda Chavez

Racism is ugly, no matter who is spewing it. But there does seem to be a double standard when it com... Read More

Thanks for the Honesty, Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling May. 02, 2014

Roland S. Martin

Their views are vile, despicable, shameful, pathetic and hurtful, but we should all be thankful that... Read More

Up From Racism May. 01, 2014

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.

WASHINGTON — There is something decidedly odd about the use of racially loaded terms in Americ... Read More

Of Donald Sterling's Racism and the Rise of Thoughtcrime Apr. 30, 2014

Ben Shapiro

In November 2009, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling settled a lawsuit in which the Departme... Read More

Is America Still a Serious Country? Apr. 29, 2014

Patrick Buchanan

Well, it looks like Donald Sterling will not be getting that NAACP lifetime achievement award he was... Read More

What Have You Said in Private? Apr. 29, 2014

Dennis Prager

A private recording of racist remarks by the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, in ... Read More

Gold Diggers: More American than Apple Pie Apr. 29, 2014

Jessica Leigh

On Jan. 24, 1848, a carpenter from New Jersey happened upon flakes of gold in the American River at ... Read More