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Rocky Seas Lead to Drifting Ships Oct. 06, 2020

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: My wife and I are drifting apart. I'm a recovering alcoholic of four years. I put her th... Read More

Garlic Hair Feb. 01, 2020

Katiedid Langrock

The olive oil is hot in the pan. I peel cloves of garlic. I chop the cloves. The scent fills the kit... Read More

Playing the Numbers Jan. 06, 2020

Marc Dion

In Texas, where life is cheap, and so are the senators, a plucky church security force member raised... Read More

Is It Ever a Good Time to Reveal Paternity? Nov. 07, 2019

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: About 65 years ago, my 20-year-old sister, "Pat," had an affair with a married man that ... Read More

A Speeding Auto Can Be Deadly Jan. 19, 2019

'Tween 12 & 20

TEENS: It's Saturday night, and you're out riding around with your friends. You're singing and havin... Read More

Unwelcome At the Wake Dec. 31, 2018

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: Three months ago, I attended the funeral of a friend and former co-worker, "Renee." I we... Read More

Tough Love Is Needed Nov. 21, 2018

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: Over the past year, I've discovered that there are some people in this world who are OK ... Read More

Hope for the Dead Mar. 29, 2018

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

What is the connection between personal freedom and rising from the dead? When America was in its in... Read More

Rumors of Conservatism's Demise Greatly Exaggerated Feb. 23, 2018

David Limbaugh

I happened onto a piece by Bill Kristol in The Weekly Standard, wherein he links to "a short, powerf... Read More

Back From the Dead Feb. 17, 2018

Katiedid Langrock

Henri is back from the dead. I didn't believe it at first. Surely, I was being catfished. But after ... Read More

Hole People Aug. 19, 2017

Katiedid Langrock

Our new house came with a gigantic hole in the wall. It was hollowed out within the drywall connecti... Read More

When 'Sorry' Isn't Enough Jul. 10, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I am 75 years old. My wife of more than 50 years died suddenly and without warning a yea... Read More

Overwhelming Hatred May. 25, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: In 2013, I lost my brother to a drug-induced heart attack. At the time of his death, he ... Read More

Affairs Revealed Oct. 21, 2016

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: My wife and I were married for 61 years. We had three sons. "Mary" passed away this year... Read More

The Well Is Dry Sep. 14, 2016

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: A number of years ago, my parents trusted their money and retirement income to a financi... Read More

Sheryl Sandberg Finds Her Way Back Jun. 03, 2015

Connie Schultz

Like so many people, my past 30 days have been full of the usual mishmash that makes life so crazy n... Read More

Who Are These Outlaw Bikers? May. 21, 2015

Froma Harrop

Count me among those mystified over the biker gang melee in Waco, Texas — a shootout that left... Read More

William Zinsser Believed in Your Story, Too May. 13, 2015

Connie Schultz

If you're one of the millions of readers who cherish William Zinsser's book "On Writing Well," then ... Read More

Is the American Dream Really Dead? Dec. 22, 2014

Creators PR

Last month, a professor of economics at the University of California, Davis made some headlines by b... Read More

Long Story Short

Aug. 14, 2014