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Politicians on the Take? Sep. 16, 2020

John Stossel

Politicians shut down businesses because of COVID-19. But the rules don't apply to everyone. In San ... Read More

The Jailed Businesswoman May. 08, 2020

Erick Erickson

Shelley Luther is a small-business owner of a hair salon in Dallas. Struggling to make ends meet, Lu... Read More

First Thing, Let's Fire All the Cops Oct. 18, 2019

Ted Rall

In the latest shooting of an innocent civilian by a trigger-happy police officer, a white Fort Worth... Read More

Ellen DeGeneres Practices Tolerance; So Should You Oct. 11, 2019

Adriana Cohen

In a deeply polarized nation, Ellen DeGeneres deserves praise for practicing tolerance toward others... Read More

Dissing the Dead in Dallas May. 28, 2019

William Murchison

During the walk-up to Memorial Day, with its evocations of respect for fallen warriors, hypercharged... Read More

Thank You for Oppressing Us! Sep. 12, 2017

William Murchison

The Dallas city government's push to remove visible reminders of the Confederacy (e.g., a splendid e... Read More

Pulling Down Confederate Statues Does Nothing to Change Society Aug. 01, 2017

William Murchison

In these very — I mean very — weird times of ours, few phenomena appear weirder than wha... Read More

School Bus Safety Laws Long Overdue Nov. 26, 2016

Diane Dimond

If children are our most precious resource, then why aren't we doing more to protect them as they tr... Read More

Obama, Clinton and Race Exploitation Jul. 15, 2016

David Limbaugh

Hillary Clinton, exploiting the venue of her appearance in Springfield, Illinois — where Abrah... Read More

How Obama Divides America Jul. 15, 2016

David Harsanyi

At the funeral service for five slain Dallas cops, President Barack Obama delivered another one of h... Read More

Fact-checking a Memorial Service Jul. 15, 2016

Mona Charen

In the aftermath of the violence of the past two weeks, I was genuinely rooting for President Obama ... Read More

Ambush in Dallas: This Must Stop Jul. 14, 2016

Daily Editorials

Ambush is the coward's tool: Only in blood-lust fiction and declared war does surprise assassination... Read More

Black Demands and White Fears Jul. 14, 2016

Steve Chapman

The June 10, 1966, cover of Life magazine is a gauge of how much America has changed — and how... Read More

Telling the Truth Is a Challenge for Trump Jul. 14, 2016

Roger Simon

It is not difficult to tell when Donald Trump is lying. Just watch his lips. If they're moving, he's... Read More

Cops, Blacks and Crime Jul. 13, 2016

John Stossel

Claims about racist cops from groups like Black Lives Matter lead more people to fear and hate the p... Read More

For Obama, Leftist Rhetoric Is Always Innocent and Conservatives Are Always Guilty Jul. 13, 2016

Ben Shapiro

When it comes to the linkage between violence and rhetoric, I abide by a fairly simple rule: If you'... Read More

Absolving Black Lives Matter in Dallas Jul. 13, 2016

Tim Graham

When white racist Dylann Roof allegedly shot and killed nine people in a black church in Charleston,... Read More

Attack on Dallas Police Was Terrorism Jul. 12, 2016

Froma Harrop

The gunning down of five cops in Dallas was terrorism, pure and simple. The lunatic who did it frame... Read More

Obama's Divisive Double Standards Jul. 12, 2016

David Limbaugh

President Obama's knee-jerk reaction to the Dallas shootings brings into clear relief his biases and... Read More

The New York Times and the Left Have Blood on Their Hands Jul. 12, 2016

Dennis Prager

It was very appropriate that on Friday, the day after the massacre of five Dallas police officers, T... Read More