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Take a Legal Trip to Cuba Jan. 04, 2015

Travel and Adventure

By Victor Block Lying on a white sand beach at the edge of the turquoise sea, I could have been at a... Read More

In 2014, Frightened Rulers Did Scary Things Dec. 25, 2014

Steve Chapman

We all have tasks we try to get done before the end of the year, and Kim Jong Un's is amping up the ... Read More

The State Department's Naughty List Dec. 24, 2014

Jacob Sullum

After President Barack Obama decided to normalize relations with Cuba, The New York Times reported l... Read More

'When Cuba Is Free Again' Dec. 23, 2014

Miguel Perez

Some 54 years ago, when I was a 10-year-old Cuban farm boy, my parents sat me down at the kitchen ta... Read More

Ending a Policy That's Failed for 50 Years Dec. 19, 2014

Joe Conason

Listen carefully to the Republican leaders and presidential hopefuls roaring with outrage over Presi... Read More

U.S. Media Is Ready to Lift the Cuban Embargo Apr. 22, 2014

Miguel Perez

Congress may not be ready. The American people may need more clarity. And even our so-called sociali... Read More

Cuba: A Charismatic Country in the Crux of Change Apr. 13, 2014

Travel and Adventure

By Beverly Mann Waves crash sporadically with a thundering sound against the five-mile seawall, rea... Read More

Somewhere Between Extremes Feb. 25, 2014

Miguel Perez

On one extreme, I have some Cuban-American friends who are sooo conservative that they sound like re... Read More

Cuba's Jose Marti: His Legacy Lives Here Jan. 21, 2014

Miguel Perez

You may have listened to his verses in the old Cuban song "Guantanamera." You may have see... Read More

Shaking Hands With a Tyrant Dec. 17, 2013

Miguel Perez

So there I was in the White House about to meet the president of the Untied States, and I had to thi... Read More

Mandela's Crucial Lesson For America -- and the Republicans Who Never Learn Dec. 12, 2013

Joe Conason

Beyond the eulogies bestowed this week on the late and truly great Nelson Mandela — a visionar... Read More

The Real Mandela in His Own words Dec. 11, 2013

Joseph Farah

I noticed over the weekend that lists of Nelson Mandela quotes had gone viral on the Internet. None ... Read More

Mandela's Blind Spot Dec. 10, 2013

Miguel Perez

He was one of the greatest leaders of our time, a champion for human rights and racial equality. The... Read More

Carrying the Cuban Family Torch Nov. 19, 2013

Miguel Perez

I had done it before so I thought it wouldn't be so difficult. In delivering funeral eulogies, unfor... Read More

Does the US Rank Below Cuba? Nov. 15, 2013

Mona Charen

The World Economic Forum has issued its annual report on the gender gap worldwide, and it has receiv... Read More

Obama's Senseless Cuba Bailout Jan. 24, 2011

Miguel Perez

Until recently, the Obama administration had been surprisingly firm in its posture toward Cuba, alwa... Read More

Gary Varvel

Feb. 19, 2008