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David Brooks Loses It on Ted Cruz Jan. 13, 2016

Tim Graham

New York Times columnist David Brooks poses as a moderate who never stoops to being crabbily doctrin... Read More

Obamacare Is on Life Support Jan. 12, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly

President Obama's eighth veto of his presidency came last Friday, when he quietly nixed legislation ... Read More

Election Should Be About Restoring the American Vision Jan. 06, 2016

Star Parker

Year-end surveys convey a picture of disillusionment and cynicism among Americans about their govern... Read More

Freer Markets, Not More Regulation, Will Improve Retirement Marketplace Dec. 30, 2015

Star Parker

The Department of Labor has spent a good part of 2015 trying to revise the regulation of advisers th... Read More

Supreme Court Grapples, Once Again, With Redistricting Dec. 29, 2015

Michael Barone

Fifty-one years ago the Supreme Court handed down its one-person-one-vote decision, requiring that w... Read More

The Scientific Consensus Has Been Dead-Wrong on Oil Dec. 29, 2015

Stephen Moore

It would be hard to find anyone in all of America who has been more wrong on the American energy sto... Read More

Equality Babble Dec. 29, 2015

William Murchison

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." Or do we? At the end of ... Read More

15 Questions in Search of a Democratic Debate Dec. 24, 2015

Larry Elder

1) Polls show that, by a large margin, Americans feel we're on the wrong track, both economically an... Read More

The Worst Reporting and Punditry of 2015 Dec. 23, 2015

Tim Graham

If we're counting press clips, in politics the year 2015 was dominated by Donald Trump. The liberal ... Read More

A Hollywood Christmas Story Dec. 17, 2015

Larry Elder

The following story is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. I drove past the o... Read More

I've Changed. This Is War. Seal the Borders. Stop the Visas Dec. 12, 2015

Lawrence Kudlow

I know this is not my usual position. But this is a war. Therefore, I have come to believe there sho... Read More

Call It Islamist Terrorism, Mr. President Dec. 04, 2015

Linda Chavez

Everything we know so far about the slaughter of 14 people in San Bernardino, California, points to ... Read More

Donald Schwarzentrump Dec. 02, 2015

Star Parker

Although there is a sense that Donald Trump's unusual and outlandish run for the presidency is the f... Read More

History Returns Violently in the Mediterranean and Beyond Dec. 01, 2015

Michael Barone

Sometimes you can learn something about today's world from a history book — even a book about ... Read More

The Rembrandt of Overstatement Dec. 01, 2015

William Murchison

The president of the United States landed in Paris on Monday, his mouth full of grave and ominous re... Read More

Thank Liberals for Today's Chaotic and Dangerous World Nov. 25, 2015

Star Parker

We're in a world today increasingly defined by chaos. At home it's on our college campuses. Abroad i... Read More

Which Party Will Emerge From Its Gathering Storm? Nov. 24, 2015

Michael Barone

Each of our two political parties, ancient by world standards, seems to be facing a gathering storm.... Read More

Who Created These Campus Whiners? Nov. 24, 2015

Stephen Moore

Remember the campus unrest in the 1960s? Whether or not you agreed with the students, they were prot... Read More

Obama Drove Sunnis Into ISIS' Arms Nov. 20, 2015

Mona Charen

Throughout the last third of George W. Bush's presidency, opinion leaders were obsessed with the que... Read More

The Islamist Challenge to the Culture of Light Nov. 20, 2015

Suzanne Fields

Two weeks before the Paris massacre, we took our twin granddaughters, age 11, for their first visit ... Read More