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A Response to Jonah Goldberg's Mistaken Claim of My 'Pauline Conversions' on Trump Mar. 11, 2016

Lawrence Kudlow

My friend Jonah Goldberg has written a column entitled "Conservative Purists Are Capitulating with S... Read More

Nancy Reagan: 'Do You Really Think People Will Say That?' Mar. 10, 2016

Larry Elder

Editor's Note: The following column was originally published in 2004. The following conversation to... Read More

Texas Abortion Law Meets Bill Clinton's Standards Mar. 09, 2016

Star Parker

The Supreme Court heard arguments last week in the Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt case, where t... Read More

GOP Elites Have Only Themselves to Blame for Trump Mar. 08, 2016

Stephen Moore

A top Republican consultant whined last week, "Donald Trump is hijacking the Republican Party." Real... Read More

Nancy and Her Ronnie: The Years of the Reagans Mar. 08, 2016

William Murchison

The first thing I'll say is that the following reflections arise from an area of the mind unclouded ... Read More

Contra 'Too Late' Mar. 04, 2016

Mona Charen

Mitt Romney made a compelling and urgent case for why the Republican Party's soul is at stake in thi... Read More

Oscar Night: Hypocrisy Dressed to the Nines Mar. 03, 2016

Larry Elder

Last Sunday was Oscar night, where the leftism of Hollywood — one-third of the "axis of indoct... Read More

What Is the Fair Share of Taxes? Mar. 02, 2016

Walter E. Williams

Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, along with President Obama, say they ... Read More

Trump Not a Good Bet for American Greatness Mar. 02, 2016

Star Parker

Hillary Clinton is now setting a campaign theme that should provide a golden opportunity for Republi... Read More

Republicans Can Give Workers a $1 Billion Pay Raise Mar. 01, 2016

Stephen Moore

If Donald Trump's gravity-defying ascendancy has validated anything, it is that for Middle America, ... Read More

Bread and Circuses, 2016-Style Mar. 01, 2016

William Murchison

A little thought exercise here. Imagine: Dwight Eisenhower, in 1956, wants to push from view Adlai S... Read More

Exploring Trumpism Mar. 01, 2016

David Limbaugh

Just what is the Trump movement all about? I've tried to get to the bottom of it by conversing with ... Read More

2 Percent Growth Is a Loser for the Angry Middle Class Feb. 27, 2016

Lawrence Kudlow

The good news is that the economy is growing at 2 percent and that there's no recession in sight (ba... Read More

Not All Elections Are Democratic Feb. 26, 2016

Linda Chavez

As messy as this year's U.S. presidential election seems in the midst of the hard-fought nomination ... Read More

It Takes a Bully Feb. 25, 2016

Laura Hollis

There's a saying: "It takes a thief to catch a thief." A bit of a twist on this old saw quite accura... Read More

Gullible Americans Feb. 24, 2016

Walter E. Williams

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), satirist, essayist and political pamphleteer, is a favorite of mine. He ... Read More

The Stakes in This Election Feb. 23, 2016

William Murchison

"Supreme Court Appointment Could Reshape American Life." — Headline from The New York Times, F... Read More

Republican Self-Sabotage Feb. 19, 2016

Mona Charen

The latest CBS poll suggests that the Donald Trump juggernaut continues to roll, with 35 percent of ... Read More

Trump: Bush Administration Knowingly 'Lied' About Iraq War Intel Feb. 18, 2016

Larry Elder

It's one thing to disagree with the decision to go to war in Iraq. That, believe it or not, was once... Read More

The Day the Constitution Died Feb. 17, 2016

Ben Shapiro

On Saturday, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the foremost thinker of the originalist and textu... Read More