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Woe Is Champagne! Aug. 04, 2020

Wine Talk

News reports from the Champagne region of France paint a grim picture for this year's harvest. For a... Read More

5 Great Valentine's Bubblies Feb. 11, 2020

Wine Talk

Valentine's Day presents a unique opportunity for wine lovers. Although there are many excellent opt... Read More

The Sparkling Wine Hierarchy Dec. 24, 2019

Wine Talk

Admit it, you're one of those wine lovers who only thinks about bubbly between Thanksgiving and New ... Read More

What Would Mom Like? Apr. 30, 2019

Wine Talk

If you're one of those inclined to give that special woman in your life something other than an all-... Read More

Valentine's Day Advice: Bubbly! Feb. 05, 2019

Wine Talk

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, getting it "right" is top of mind for many. A box of ch... Read More

All That Sparkles Nov. 27, 2018

Wine Talk

Chances are good that sometime over the next month or so, someone will put a glass of bubbly in your... Read More

The President's Number Feb. 07, 2018


President Trump had a physical recently, after which his Navy doctor declared that he stood 6-foot-2... Read More

The Champagne Challengers Nov. 28, 2017

Wine Talk

In the hierarchy of sparkling wine, Champagne clearly occupies the top rung by reputation and merits... Read More

The Champagne Difference Nov. 21, 2017

Wine Talk

Remember that time a friend offered you a glass of Champagne but poured a prosecco instead? It's a c... Read More

Complete the Course? Aug. 23, 2017


When doctors prescribe an antibiotic treatment, they invariably remind patients to complete the full... Read More

Five Last-Minute Bubbly Buys Dec. 27, 2016

Wine Talk

A frequent lament of the Champagne crowd is the fact that too many wine enthusiasts subdue their thi... Read More

A Champagne for the Ages Dec. 13, 2016

Wine Talk

DAMERY, France — When Armand-Raphael Graser moved from his native Alsace, France, to the Champ... Read More

All-American Thanksgiving Nov. 22, 2016

Wine Talk

The Thanksgiving feast is as American as apple pie, and many traditionalists believe the wines shoul... Read More

J One Year After Judy May. 03, 2016

Wine Talk

WINDSOR, Calif. — J Vineyards & Winery is steeped in the history of California wine. It was fo... Read More

Toast the New Year with a Caramels Tasting Party Dec. 24, 2015

After-Work Gourmet

Caramels just might be the perfect guest for your New Year's Eve party. Everything from a fun carame... Read More

Bubbly Basics Dec. 01, 2015

Wine Talk

As serious party animals come down the home stretch, driving for the holidays' finish line (New Year... Read More

Hurting the Wilderness We Love Oct. 13, 2015

Froma Harrop

Upon running the entire 2,190-mile Appalachian Trail in record time, a marathoner broke several rule... Read More

Franciacorta vs. Champagne Aug. 04, 2015

Wine Talk

My good friend Jeremy Parzen came to town recently and staged a small tasting of sparkling wines fro... Read More

The Mystery of Chablis Mar. 18, 2014

Wine Talk

CHABLIS, France — The mystery of Chablis is hardly a case for Sherlock Holmes, despite the fac... Read More

Three Fab Bubblies for Valentine's Feb. 11, 2014

Wine Talk

There are a number of adult beverages that might impress as well as endear you to your valentine thi... Read More