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Wanting Health and Happiness for Daughter Jan. 03, 2021

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I've noticed in the past several months that my 15-year-old daughter has been steadily g... Read More

13 Years of Bad Luck Dec. 16, 2020

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I'm confused about an issue that involves my husband. We have been separated for 13 year... Read More

Wiped Special Counsel Phones Warrant Investigation Sep. 18, 2020

Adriana Cohen

Once upon a time in America, 18 1/2 minutes of missing tape was a big deal to the Democratic establi... Read More

Look Up and Soak in the Wonder Mar. 02, 2020

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I've seen lots of parents (or babysitters) gabbing on the phone as they push strollers o... Read More

You Really Don't Know It All Feb. 20, 2020

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

We have two dogs as part of our household. Bunny is a 20-pound rescue whom our daughter, Maggie, fou... Read More

Harkening Back to Less Hardware Dec. 10, 2019

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I am the proud owner of a flip cellphone, and I probably wouldn't have it if public tele... Read More

Locking Cellphones in Classrooms Is a Smart Way to Improve Performance Oct. 03, 2019

Daily Editorials

Educators and researchers say there's an inverse relationship between students' grades and cellphone... Read More

Stupid News Aug. 07, 2019

John Stossel

"Fake news!" shouts the president. His supporters cheer. That drives my colleagues into a frenzy of... Read More

Distraction-Free Dining Jun. 19, 2019

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: I'm sitting at Reagan National Airport close to dinnertime. There are limited options fo... Read More

FCC Move Against Robocalls Is Way Overdue. Ending 'Spoofing' Should Be Next. Jun. 12, 2019

Daily Editorials

Some in the business community are decrying the Federal Communications Commission's recent decision ... Read More

It's Springtime, Not Screentime. Teens Need to Put Their Phones Down and Live. May. 28, 2019

Daily Editorials

High school students from four St. Louis-area districts gathered on a Saturday afternoon in mid-May ... Read More

Perhaps a Difficult Child, But Now a Self-Sufficient Adult Mar. 03, 2019

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: My sister complains that our mother (who can be narcissistic and self-centered) has neve... Read More

Broker Gives a Bad Telecom Recommendation Oct. 03, 2018

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: My partner and I seek long-term growth in conservative blue chip stocks. We are both... Read More

Wars for the Minerals Your Cellphone and Prius Need Apr. 18, 2018

Austin Bay

The United States Geological Survey's title for its February 2018 study on "nonfuel minerals" slight... Read More

Your Secrets Are Not Safe With Anyone Nov. 29, 2017

Jacob Sullum

Timothy Carpenter specialized in stealing cellphones, the same devices that betrayed him. Based on f... Read More

The iPhone X Confirms the Unabomber Was Right Sep. 14, 2017

Steve Chapman

The introduction of the new iPhone X — which features wireless charging, facial recognition an... Read More

Rudeness in Conversations Jul. 09, 2017

Dear Annie®

Dear Annie: Help! I have several friends and a stepdaughter who are lovely, thoughtful and kind peop... Read More

One (Restrained) Cheer for Washington Apr. 15, 2017

Mark Shields

We've all heard the tiresome and discouraging refrain: Washington, our beautiful capital city, is br... Read More

Phone Addiction Has Unleashed a Deadly Toll Apr. 04, 2017

Froma Harrop

It was a horrific scene. The pickup truck had smashed head-on into a bus taking elderly church membe... Read More

Concealing and Revealing Mar. 02, 2017

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Last week, President Donald Trump erupted with fury over a series of public revelations of private f... Read More