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2020 Lexus GS 350 Dec. 01, 2020

Peters' Garage

What killed the Lexus GS 350? After 27 years in production, it looks like 2020 will be the final ye... Read More

Stop Raising Subsidies for the Rich To Buy Cars Nov. 18, 2020

Daily Editorials

The Left wants Joe Biden to govern as if the recent election had gone very differently. The Justice ... Read More

2021 Hyundai Venue Nov. 17, 2020

Peters' Garage

Really small crossovers are the new in thing — chiefly because bigger things can come inside t... Read More

2021 Mazda3 Nov. 10, 2020

Peters' Garage

The Mazda3 just got speedier. In addition to its standard 2.0-liter and optional 2.5-liter engine, y... Read More

2021 Lexus UX 200 Nov. 03, 2020

Peters' Garage

Lexus built the first luxury crossover SUV — way back in 1998, when it introduced the RX 300. ... Read More

October 11, 2020 Oct. 11, 2020

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I read the letter from "Scared Aunt," whose 14-year-old nephew is allowed to drive. I ha... Read More

2020 Toyota Sequoia Sep. 08, 2020

Peters' Garage

Sometimes, new and improved isn't. Improved, that is. The 2020 Toyota Sequoia isn't new — but ... Read More

Desert Driver Aug. 29, 2020

Katiedid Langrock

"Don't be scared," my driver said. "I'm going to take you a back way. We won't see another car for m... Read More

2020 Kia Kona Aug. 04, 2020

Peters' Garage

Crossovers are so popular that they're getting smaller as well as larger. Examples include the Honda... Read More

Avoid Driving Distractions To Be a Safe Teen Driver Jun. 27, 2020

'Tween 12 & 20

TEENS: Summertime is here, and there will be many teens who do much more driving than they do at oth... Read More

2020 Mercedes A35 AMG Jun. 16, 2020

Peters' Garage

Last year, Mercedes made news by doing something Mercedes had never done before: putting the three-p... Read More

2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Jun. 02, 2020

Peters' Garage

There are so many small crossovers on the market it's hard to figure out which one to pick. Unless, ... Read More

2020 Mercedes AMG E53 May. 26, 2020

Peters' Garage

Many people think the defining element of a high-end car is a powerful V-8 engine — or, even b... Read More

Buying a Car Post-Coronavirus May. 20, 2020

Peters' Garage

People who've longed to buy a classic car may be thinking now is a great time to go shopping for one... Read More

2020 GMC Savana May. 19, 2020

Peters' Garage

There aren't many new vehicles that are almost 25 years old. The GMC Savana van is, in fact, the onl... Read More

2020 Buick Regal TourX May. 12, 2020

Peters' Garage

Some of the best deals going are on the cars no one knows about — which stands to reason. But ... Read More

2020 Mini Cooper Apr. 07, 2020

Peters' Garage

When you can't get a manual transmission in a small, sporty car, you know it's close to The End for ... Read More

2020 Mazda3 Mar. 31, 2020

Peters' Garage

All-wheel drive is a feature many people want — which accounts for the popularity of crossover... Read More

2020 Audi A8 Mar. 24, 2020

Peters' Garage

The best seats in the house are in the rear — if you're in the new Audi A8. It has several inc... Read More

2020 Nissan Frontier Mar. 17, 2020

Peters' Garage

The new Nissan Frontier is actually pretty old; the 2020 model is essentially the same truck as the ... Read More