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The Real Steal Is Coming May. 11, 2021

Mona Charen

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. — George Orwell, "1984" Welcome to ... Read More

Beware of Dems' Proposed Domestic Terrorism Law Apr. 21, 2021

Betsy McCaughey

Top congressional Democrats including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are pushing new laws to s... Read More

Maxine Waters, Racial Insurrectionist Feb. 09, 2021

Michelle Malkin

What a sick joke. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, one of the loudest mouths leading the impeachment cir... Read More

Who Are the True 'Domestic Terrorists'? Feb. 02, 2021

Patrick Buchanan

"Never allow a good crisis (to) go to waste. It's an opportunity to do the things you once thought w... Read More