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No to a Deportation Force Apr. 14, 2017

Linda Chavez

President Donald Trump has been flip-flopping right and left recently — much of it for the goo... Read More

Trump's Wall Is Already Collapsing Apr. 02, 2017

Steve Chapman

Donald Trump spent more than a year rousing crowds with a simple promise: "I'll build a great, great... Read More

Democrats Need Straight Talk on Immigration Feb. 28, 2017

Froma Harrop

Donald Trump's roundup of undocumented immigrants is cruel and racist in its execution. His plan to ... Read More

Trump's Immigration Crackdown Will Backfire Jan. 29, 2017

Steve Chapman

Government failures come in two basic forms. The first kind is not achieving the intended result ... Read More

What Trump's Wall Says to the World Jan. 27, 2017

Patrick Buchanan

"Something there is that doesn't love a wall," wrote poet Robert Frost in the opening line of "Mendi... Read More

Trump Is a Phony on Immigration Sep. 08, 2016

Froma Harrop

Donald Trump's recent rant against all things Mexican followed hard upon his promise of a gentler ap... Read More

The Long Weekend Jun. 06, 2016

Marc Dion

You don't hear much about it anymore, but I keep thinking about Donald Trump's wall on the border wi... Read More

Iron Rule of Politics Jun. 04, 2016

Mark Shields

Having worked, as a younger man, in three losing presidential campaigns and having been lucky enough... Read More

Border Walls Would Humanely Enforce a Just Law Mar. 16, 2016

Terence Jeffrey

The federal government has a duty to enforce this nation's borders and do it in a humane manner that... Read More

Trump Supporters Rage Against the Present Mar. 03, 2016

Steve Chapman

Sure, Donald Trump has the support of David Duke. But the membership of the Ku Klux Klan is small. S... Read More

Why the GOP's Fence Fantasy Is a Farce Jan. 13, 2016

Jim Hightower

A long time ago, in a not-so-faraway land, a civilization existed that was governed through a fairly... Read More

Politics 2016: Bring in the Clowns Aug. 26, 2015

Roger Simon

The movie is about a future America in which everybody is dumb. It is called "Idiocracy," and it is ... Read More

Ramos 1, Trump Zee-ro Aug. 26, 2015

Connie Schultz

I am so tired of the media tap dance around Donald Trump. Earlier this week in Iowa, Univision journ... Read More

Documented Irresponsibility Jul. 28, 2015

Thomas Sowell

People who entered the United States illegally may be called "undocumented" in politically correct c... Read More

Existential Threats to America Jun. 12, 2015

David Limbaugh

It's to be expected that I hardly agree with President Obama on any political issues, as we have rad... Read More

Inflated Fears of Ebola and Terrorism Oct. 16, 2014

Steve Chapman

Americans are living under a dire threat that could quickly escalate into a national emergency. No, ... Read More

A Mexican-American Town Oct. 14, 2014

Miguel Perez

When a huge chunk of Mexico became part of the United States in 1848, many of the Mexicans who lived... Read More

A Beacon of Hope on a Border Mountain Oct. 07, 2014

Miguel Perez

Back in 1995, when I was almost 20 years younger, I was daring enough to hike all the way up to the ... Read More

A River Runs Through Our Hispanic Heritage Sep. 30, 2014

Miguel Perez

When the United States and Mexico agreed to designate a large portion of the Rio Grande as the inter... Read More

Time Portals on the Road Sep. 09, 2014

Miguel Perez

As you drive west on I-10 across Texas, you can see Mexico from your left windows. Sometimes the hig... Read More