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The Sudden Crash of Chris Matthews Mar. 04, 2020

Tim Graham

On the Monday before Super Tuesday, longtime MSNBC host Chris Matthews came on the air and promptly,... Read More

Never Trust Hollywood With History Jan. 03, 2020

Tim Graham

Hollywood loves taking apart conservatives. So when presented with the idea of men in the highest re... Read More

'Uncut Gems' and 'Bombshell': A New Kind of Adam Sandler Flick and a Predictably Hollywoodian Fox News Takedown With a Major Star Turn by Charlize Theron Dec. 13, 2019


Like "The Wrestler," Darren Aronofsky's descent into the grubby world of provincial grappling matche... Read More

Husband Drops Bombshell After 60 Years Nov. 04, 2017

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: If anyone could ever die of a broken heart, it would be me at 77. I have been a faithful... Read More