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What To Do When Social Security Reps Give You Misinformation Mar. 25, 2020

Social Security and You

I really do not like writing columns that are critical of my former colleagues at the Social Securit... Read More

Did Your Child Return From College a Better Person? Jun. 18, 2019

Dennis Prager

When assessing America's or any of the Western world's universities — wondering whether you sh... Read More

SSA Representatives Challenge Me May. 22, 2019

Social Security and You

Frequently, I hear from readers who take one of my columns into their local Social Security office t... Read More

The Official Social Security Maximizing Column May. 15, 2019

Social Security and You

OK, it's official. I'm going to call this column, "How to maximize your Social Security benefits" an... Read More

Do We Really Have to Play With Our Kids? Mar. 21, 2019

Lenore Skenazy

When our kids were toddlers, my husband vowed he was going to write a book titled "How to Play With ... Read More

Social Security and Sophie's Choice Jan. 09, 2019

Social Security and You

Today's column offers up a marital conundrum. Should a woman divorce the man she loves in order to c... Read More

Questions About Delayed Retirement Credits May. 16, 2018

Social Security and You

All of today's questions involve the payment of what are known as "delayed retirement credits." This... Read More

More Questions From Divorced Women Nov. 15, 2017

Social Security and You

Just two weeks ago, I wrote a column answering questions from divorced women. Obviously, I left a lo... Read More

Government Pension Offset Law Not About to Change May. 17, 2017

Social Security and You

Over the past 17 years that I have been doing this column, I have written about 50 columns dealing w... Read More

The Folly of 'Buy American and Hire American' Jan. 26, 2017

Steve Chapman

Now that the campaign is over, Donald Trump is no longer willing to fake it. Last year, he insisted,... Read More

The Panderer in Chief and the 'War on the American Farmer' Nov. 03, 2016

Veronique de Rugy

Auditioning for the title of panderer in chief during this election cycle are two potential masters.... Read More

Questions from Teachers and Railroaders Jun. 22, 2016

Social Security and You

Q: I read your recent column explaining the offset I will suffer because I get a small teacher's pen... Read More

Working Seniors May Get Social Security Increase Dec. 02, 2015

Social Security and You

I get lots of questions from working senior citizens who wonder if the Social Security payroll taxes... Read More

Debates Give Advantage to GOP Oct. 16, 2015

Scott Rasmussen

In 2008, underdog candidate Barack Obama gained prestige by defeating a heavily favored front-runner... Read More

Minimum Wages vs. Maximum Wages Nov. 05, 2014

Joseph Farah

Progressives have such low expectations of people — especially Americans. They believe that th... Read More

Working it Out

Jan. 04, 2014