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Bamboozled Oct. 24, 2020

The Art of Design

Bamboo, rattan, reed, cane and wicker have been around since the beginning of civilization. There is... Read More

Sheraton Table Has Faux Bamboo Legs Apr. 03, 2020

Antique or Junque

Q: I have enclosed a photo of an antique table that has been passed down in our family for generatio... Read More

Select Material and Lay a New Bamboo Floor Dec. 27, 2018

Here's How

Dear James: I was planning to install hardwood flooring myself, but then I saw some bamboo flooring,... Read More

Bamboo and Recessions May. 09, 2018

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: I've been offered an opportunity to invest $125,000 in a Florida bamboo farm. Please... Read More