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Washington Deserves Its 'Brutalism' Jan. 01, 2021

David Harsanyi

In his 1981 diatribe against contemporary American architecture, "From Bauhaus to Our House," Tom Wo... Read More

Visual Menagerie Dec. 05, 2020

The Art of Design

An insider secret to creating a room that takes your breath away is layering. The most interesting r... Read More

The Color of Architecture Nov. 21, 2020

The Art of Design

Who hasn't heard the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"? The old adage is appropriate for... Read More

Budget-Minded Kitchen Remodeling Nov. 05, 2020

Here's How

Dear James: I am on a fairly tight budget, but I really want to remodel my kitchen to make it more f... Read More

Back to the Future Oct. 31, 2020

The Art of Design

It has been a long time, probably since the 1920s and 30s, since the small home has been on the mind... Read More

More Than a Corner in Winslow, Arizona Oct. 10, 2020

Travel and Adventure

By Steve Bergsman Arizona boasts such varied topography that one could literally get lost looking fo... Read More

The Pediment Oct. 03, 2020

The Art of Design

Pediments are probably the most recognizable architectural form alongside the column. Throughout his... Read More

Shipping Container Homes Sep. 26, 2020

The Art of Design

Yes, I am from a generation when technology virtually did not exist. I barely looked at my store-bou... Read More

Design Destination: Camden, Maine Aug. 15, 2020

The Art of Design

Why do people love Maine so much? Imagine a small enclave on the Atlantic dotted with shingle-covere... Read More

Loving an Imperfect Home Aug. 08, 2020

The Art of Design

Depending on real estate market conditions, finding the perfect home may be an impossible feat. Forg... Read More

Bad Client Inspired a Career Change Jul. 23, 2020

At Work

Q: I worked in a high-paying position for many years. I was good at troubleshooting, meeting deadlin... Read More

Columbus, Indiana, Is a World-Class Outdoor Museum Jul. 05, 2020

Travel and Adventure

By Athena Lucero Travel experts agree that road trips will be the way pandemic-era adventurers will ... Read More

Philip Johnson: Man in a Glass House Mar. 22, 2020

Travel and Adventure

By Steve Bergsman In 1967 a large crowd of people gathered on the lawn of architect Philip Johnson's... Read More

Creating Comfort Mar. 14, 2020

The Art of Design

After fighting against the "old man" recliner for many years, as I mature, I finally get it; people ... Read More

Feeling Royal in an Irish Castle Dec. 08, 2019

Travel and Adventure

By Gay Courter I can't have been the only little girl who knew deep in her heart that she was to the... Read More

Experts Have Pronounced Differences Over 'Ukraine' Dec. 04, 2019

The Word Guy

Today, some random dispatches from the Word Front ... — Scratching Our U-craniums Recent test... Read More

Doors Oct. 26, 2019

The Art of Design

Doors and windows are said to be the eyes and ears of buildings. Doors are great communicators. When... Read More

Go Rat Pack Retro in Swinging Palm Springs Oct. 20, 2019

Travel and Adventure

By Jim Farber The room is the essence of swinging '60s cool. A tuxedo-clad singer croons "One More f... Read More

The Best Way To See Palm Springs Is on Foot Oct. 19, 2019

Travel and Adventure

By Jim Farber Every day, thousands of visitors stroll up and down Palm Springs' main street —... Read More

Design Destination: Stockholm Oct. 05, 2019

The Art of Design

Stockholm, the Swedish capital, is testament to the Swedes' love of beautiful albeit simple and func... Read More