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Window Air Conditioner: How to Fix It, Clean It and Make It Like New Jun. 09, 2021

Everyday Cheapskate

The heat of summer will soon be bearing down, giving millions of window-mounted air conditioners a r... Read More

Are You Ready to Make the Switch to Induction Cooking? May. 31, 2021

Everyday Cheapskate

During the 18 months that we lived in a tiny apartment in anticipation of our move from California t... Read More

Are High-Efficiency Washers Worth It? Apr. 28, 2021

Everyday Cheapskate

It's time once again to reach into the mailbag to answer a question from my dear readers. It's kinda... Read More

How to Afford the Big Stuff Nov. 05, 2020

Everyday Cheapskate

You don't need me to tell you that we're living in uncertain economic times. One day, stocks are pl... Read More

What the Big Print Giveth the Small Print Taketh Away Sep. 24, 2020

Everyday Cheapskate

Have you ever wondered how retailers can possibly afford to offer the no-interest, no-payments, no-m... Read More

Replace or Repair? Jun. 29, 2020

Everyday Cheapskate

You're worried the washing machine may be on its last spin cycle. It makes a horrible screeching sou... Read More

How to Steam Clean Your Microwave Apr. 27, 2020

Everyday Cheapskate

There's no doubt about it; I've got spring fever. My daffodils are peeking their tiny heads through ... Read More

Best Inexpensive Can Openers Apr. 07, 2020

Everyday Cheapskate

A can opener. A simple tool that is mandatory for every kitchen. Whether you're a student living in ... Read More

Best Inexpensive Small Kitchen Appliances Mar. 06, 2017

Everyday Cheapskate

I recently heard from EC reader Douglas, who wrote: "Would you please repeat your column that descri... Read More

Why a Pressure Cooker May Be Better Than a Slow Cooker Feb. 08, 2017

Everyday Cheapskate

I'm still slightly stunned by the response to a recent column in which I touched briefly on the subj... Read More

Best Time to Bag a Bargain Feb. 07, 2017

Everyday Cheapskate

Extreme bargain hunters have something in common: timing. They've got it down to a science, and I'm ... Read More

Upgrade That Wobbly, Hard-to-Read Oven Thermometer and More Jan. 02, 2017

Everyday Cheapskate

I'd had the same oven thermometer for at least a hundred years. The thing had been splattered on and... Read More

Wine for Christmas Dec. 21, 2016

Small Spaces

By now, it's likely most holiday gifts have been bought and wrapped, but I've thought of some great ... Read More

Best Inexpensive Vacuum Sealer Nov. 24, 2016

Everyday Cheapskate

Dear Mary: Just a few days ago, I purchased a Ziploc Vacuum Sealer. It's still in the box, unopened.... Read More