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Beware Silicon Valley Santas in the Schools Dec. 26, 2018

Michelle Malkin

When it comes to Silicon Valley Santas bearing gifts for our children, I am a big Scrooge. Every res... Read More

Lessons from Apple at a Trillion Dollars Aug. 08, 2018

Star Parker

Apple has become the first U.S. company in history to attain a trillion-dollar valuation. Here are a... Read More

Apple Is Not As American As Apple Pie Aug. 08, 2018

Terence Jeffrey

Last week, Apple became the first U.S.-based corporation to see its market value top $1 trillion. Bu... Read More

It's Not Just the Economy Anymore, Stupid Jan. 23, 2018

Bernard Goldberg

Apple plans to hire more than 20,000 new workers in the United States over the next five years. It's... Read More

Apple Invests Tax Cuts in Jobs and Innovation Jan. 23, 2018

Daily Editorials

Economist Adam Smith's "invisible hand" symbolized unintended social benefits of economic decisions ... Read More

The Out-of-Touch Party Jan. 19, 2018

Adriana Cohen

Democrats are out of touch. They made that abundantly clear when every liberal lawmaker rejected the... Read More

Green Thumb Award-Winners Jan. 10, 2018

A Greener View

Four new plant varieties and two new gardening products have won the 2018 Green Thumb Awards present... Read More

Apple Is Losing Its Luster Jul. 19, 2017

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: I bought 300 shares of Apple in late 2014 at $121 a share. It hasn't given me the gr... Read More

Dollars and Pounds Jun. 28, 2017


If you want people to lose weight, pad their pocketbooks. In a randomized, 8-month-long study in Sin... Read More

How We Can Start Taking Back Our Country Jun. 21, 2017

Star Parker

Americans are justifiably frustrated regarding what is going on in Washington, D.C. But let's not f... Read More

The Long Of The Short Of It Mar. 22, 2017


The Genetic Investigation of Anthropometric Traits study, more aptly known by its acronym GIANT, has... Read More

Anatomy of a Multi-Government Shakedown Sep. 22, 2016

Veronique de Rugy

I'm slow to defend corporations these days because so many of them have built their business models ... Read More

Ford and GM Sep. 14, 2016

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: Last November, you told me not to buy General Motors or Ford stock. Well, my stockbr... Read More

Best Time to Buy a Computer, Where to Buy a TracFone and How to De-Smoke a Microwave Sep. 06, 2016

Everyday Cheapskate

Dear Mary: I'm looking at new computers. When is the best time of year to buy one? — Stella De... Read More

Few in the West Are Serious About Islamic Terror Jul. 19, 2016

Dennis Prager

It appears that no matter how many men, women and children Islamists slaughter or maim, few in the W... Read More

Apple, Wal-Mart and Workers Jun. 22, 2016

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: Since getting out of college in 2013, I've been working at Wal-Mart in Florida, maki... Read More

Driverless Cars Ain't Got No Soul May. 18, 2016

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: I think that the driverless car being developed by Apple is the car of the future an... Read More

Apple's Core Apr. 20, 2016

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: I bought 100 shares of Apple at $129 last June, believing it could move up to $200. ... Read More

Don't Rush to Surrender Privacy to Government Mar. 29, 2016

Daily Editorials

Security? Or freedom? Those questions keep popping up like an automatic smartphone app, most recentl... Read More

Terrorists and Their Privacy Mar. 24, 2016

Froma Harrop

One inevitable sequel to a terrorist attack is seeing the ugly mugs of creeps-turned-monsters thrust... Read More