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Celebrity Trumps: The Sad Implosion of Alan Dershowitz Feb. 04, 2020

Jeff Robbins

The road leading to President Donald Trump's acquittal from charges of which he is plainly guilty is... Read More

Trump's Lawyer Says Almost Anything He Does Toward Reelection is OK. It's Not. Jan. 31, 2020

Daily Editorials

President Donald Trump's impeachment lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, offered the truly bizarre argument Wed... Read More

Gardner has good reason to end impeachment Jan. 31, 2020

Daily Editorials

Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner wants the U.S. Senate to get on with the country's business and stop the ... Read More

'Let the Public Decide' Jan. 30, 2020

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

Last November, I encouraged readers to approach the national challenge of impeachment with thoughtfu... Read More

Dershowitz's Poisoned Defense Jan. 30, 2020

Joe Conason

Americans ought to thank Alan Dershowitz for his scintillating defense of President Donald Trump. Ca... Read More

ABC Keeps Covering for Jeffrey Epstein Nov. 08, 2019

David Harsanyi

This week, James O'Keefe's Project Veritas, a group that has often infiltrated news organizations to... Read More

'Victims' Dictate May. 29, 2019

John Stossel

"I don't feel safe," says a Harvard student in a video. What threatens her? The dean of her Ha... Read More

Racial Lies and Racism Aug. 30, 2017

Walter E. Williams

Earlier this month, The New York Times ran an article titled "U.S. Rights Unit Shifts to Study Antiw... Read More

Scapegoating Israel, Again Dec. 25, 2013

Suzanne Fields

'Tis the season of the long holiday for toilers in the Groves of Academe. Learned professors of the ... Read More

Iran, a Dangerous Obamacare Diversion Nov. 26, 2013

David Limbaugh

Does anyone with credibility like this deal Obama's team made with Iran? I'm not seeing much encoura... Read More