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Higher Medicaid Expansion Costs Reveal Another Obamacare Design Flaw Aug. 04, 2016

Veronique de Rugy

Remember when the Obama administration promised that the Affordable Care Act's expansion of Medicaid... Read More

Run Against Obama Apr. 08, 2016

Mona Charen

When a Republican has been in the presidency for eight years, as George W. Bush was, Democrats run a... Read More

There Has to Be a Better Way to Pay for Health Care Mar. 15, 2016

Stephen Moore

Late last year, while playing tennis, I reached up to serve and felt a painful pop in my shoulder. T... Read More

Rewarding States for ACA Exchange Failures? Mar. 03, 2016

Veronique de Rugy

If you are tired of reading columns about Affordable Care Act failures, don't read any further. If y... Read More

Obamacare Is on Life Support Jan. 12, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly

President Obama's eighth veto of his presidency came last Friday, when he quietly nixed legislation ... Read More

Democrats' Problem: Americans Have Little Faith in Government Dec. 08, 2015

Michael Barone

The Republican Party certainly has its problems: a chaotic presidential race; a despised congression... Read More

Obamacare's Affordability Squeeze Nov. 06, 2015

Daily Editorials

Five years after it was enacted, the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is wheezing. So is its offsh... Read More

Obamacare: Open Season for Fraud Nov. 05, 2015

Daily Editorials

As if the Affordable Care Act's massive increase in government intervention in the U.S. health care ... Read More

Democrats Could Kill Obamacare by Repealing 'Cadillac Tax' Oct. 13, 2015

Daily Editorials

It's unusual when Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are on the s... Read More

Speak Now, Congress, or Forever Maintain the Status Quo Oct. 08, 2015

Veronique de Rugy

The House of Representatives is looking for a new speaker. Such times of change present a perfect op... Read More

Reform, Replace, Restart or Innovate? Aug. 27, 2015

Veronique de Rugy

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker recently released his replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act and j... Read More

Supreme Court's White Lie on Obamacare Jun. 28, 2015

Debra J. Saunders

The GOP-majority Supreme Court saved President Barack Obama's bacon Thursday with a political ruling... Read More

Shocking Sloppiness Won't Doom the Health Reforms May. 28, 2015

Froma Harrop

How many politicians, aides, lobbyists, lawyers, insurance moguls, professional groups and interns &... Read More

A Contrarian Take on Congressional Productivity Apr. 08, 2015

Veronique de Rugy

Many people complain that the most recent two Congresses were incredibly unproductive. That's nonsen... Read More

'Tis the Season Apr. 07, 2015

Veronique de Rugy

It's tax season again, and all across the country, taxpayers and tax accountants are feeling the eff... Read More

Are Republicans Abandoning the Obamacare Issue? Doubtful Aug. 22, 2014

David Harsanyi

In a bit of dubious cherry-picking, a new Bloomberg article concludes that the Affordable Care Act i... Read More

Halbig Is an Opportunity for Supreme Court To Rededicate Itself to Rule of Law Jul. 29, 2014

David Limbaugh

True, the Halbig case, if it makes its way to the Supreme Court, will present an opportunity for Chi... Read More

Preserve a Lie or Save Lives -- You Pick Jul. 23, 2014

Connie Schultz

Days before two federal courts issued dueling interpretations of the Affordable Care Act, I came acr... Read More

Health Care Stocks Jul. 16, 2014

Taking Stock

Dear Mr. Berko: I like your column because it also makes me laugh, but one big criticism I have is t... Read More

The Real Meaning of the Hobby Lobby Decision Jul. 03, 2014

Steve Chapman

Organizations concerned with public policy have a habit of hyping developments that relate to their ... Read More