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Back to Bleating About Christian Terrorism Nov. 20, 2015

Tim Graham

When Islamic terrorist attacks cause mass casualties, like the horrific events in Paris, it's all we... Read More

This Year's Abortion Battle Nov. 13, 2015

Susan Estrich

On Friday, the United States Supreme Court agreed to review the Texas abortion law that, were it all... Read More

Abortion Abolitionists Oct. 22, 2015

Laura Hollis

Before the United States was even a nation, during its formation, and all the way up until the Civil... Read More

The GOP Is Overmatched Oct. 02, 2015

David Harsanyi

If for some reason you needed additional evidence that the Republican Party is deeply incompetent, u... Read More

Planned Parenthood Can't Handle the Truth Oct. 02, 2015

David Limbaugh

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee's questioning of Planned Parenthood President Ce... Read More

Standing Tall for Planned Parenthood Sep. 30, 2015

Connie Schultz

Seeing as it's still all too common to depict a determined woman as an angry one, let's be clear on ... Read More

GOP, Let Obama Shut It Down and Own It Sep. 29, 2015

David Limbaugh

Establishment Republicans inside and outside Washington miss the grassroots' point. Even if we don't... Read More

The Pope-Exploiter in Chief Sep. 25, 2015

David Limbaugh

Normally, the issue of the pope's infallibility wouldn't much concern me, but it does get my attenti... Read More

GOP's Government Shutdown Fantasy Sep. 24, 2015

Debra J. Saunders

"I dare Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to watch these tapes. Watch a fully formed fetus on the table,... Read More

US and Catholicism in Crisis Sep. 22, 2015

Patrick Buchanan

During the 1950s, the twin pillars of worldwide anti-communism were Dwight Eisenhower's America and ... Read More

Stop Funding Planned Parenthood Sep. 22, 2015

Daily Editorials

The U.S. House of Representatives did the right thing Friday and voted to defund Planned Parenthood,... Read More

Dear GOP Leaders, Stop Being Cowards on the Abortion Fight Sep. 11, 2015

David Harsanyi

It's probably true that Republicans won't be able to force Planned Parenthood to shut down its human... Read More

Defund Progressivism Aug. 27, 2015

Laura Hollis

National Review magazine had Carly Fiorina on its cover recently, with the headline "Carly the Commu... Read More

Liberal Double Standards and Planned Parenthood Aug. 21, 2015

David Limbaugh

Liberals are famous for shaming conservatives for their past associations with questionable characte... Read More

The Startling Incoherence of Jimmy Carter Jul. 29, 2015

Joseph Farah

The election cycle of 2016 will mark 40 years since Americans, including me, elected one of the most... Read More

Choice and Morality Jul. 28, 2015

William Murchison

Abortion activists and supporters — which is to say, most of the Democratic Party and the enti... Read More

Legal and Evil Jul. 23, 2015

Laura Hollis

It is interesting to watch the scramble to denounce Planned Parenthood for the potentially illegal s... Read More

We Must Break Teachers Unions, Get School Choice Jul. 22, 2015

Star Parker

By now, a good portion of America knows that Planned Parenthood engages in trafficking of organs obt... Read More

Let's Face It; Planned Parenthood Is Evil Jul. 17, 2015

David Harsanyi

In America, it's illegal to donate money to a candidate without first reporting it to the government... Read More

Often There's No Sensible Middle Apr. 16, 2015

Froma Harrop

Some time ago, I heard a power company executive arguing that humans have played no role in global w... Read More