Trivia Bits for Sep 14, 2017

By Leslie Elman

September 14, 2017 2 min read

In 1966, three years after Julia Child arrived on PBS stations to teach Americans the finer points of French cooking, chef-restaurateur Joyce Chen introduced the nation to Chinese cuisine on "Joyce Chen Cooks." She taught viewers to prepare everything from Egg Foo Yung to Peking duck — even how to grow their own bean sprouts — and was unafraid to substitute accessible ingredients such as ketchup for Chinese ingredients that most American supermarkets didn't carry at the time. The two TV cooking show pioneers even shared a studio set at WGBH in Boston.

Ketchup originated in Asia, where it was made not with tomatoes but with what main ingredient?

A) Fermented fish

B) Green plums

C) Pickled ginger

D) Rose petals

Previous answer: Lake Kariba, Lake Mead and Lake Nasser are man-made lakes formed by dams.

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