Trivia Bits for Aug 22, 2019

By Leslie Elman

August 22, 2019 2 min read

Before "Beetlejuice," "Batman," "Corpse Bride" and the rest of his highly recognizable films, Tim Burton directed an unconventional "Hansel and Gretel" for the Disney Channel. It aired just once in 1983, disappeared for about 30 years and then resurfaced on the internet — as everything does eventually. The show starred Michael Yama as the Stepmother/Wicked Witch, Andy Lee as Hansel and Alison Hong as Gretel, and featured plenty of Burton-esque creatures that would sprout up again in his later films.

Which pop singer took his stage name from the composer of the 1893 opera "Hansel and Gretel"?

A) Dion DiMucci

B) Fabian Forte

C) Engelbert Humperdinck

D) Tom Jones

Previous answer: Charles Darwin sailed through the Strait of Magellan on the Beagle in 1834.

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