Trivia Bits for Jun 09, 2021

By Leslie Elman

June 9, 2021 2 min read

When they conceived the Oxford English Dictionary, editors figured it would take about 10 years to compile. They figured incorrectly. Starting work in earnest in 1879, they made it as far as "ant" by 1884 when the first volume was published. They reached Z in 1928. Then it was time to revise and add thousands more words that had come into use over the previous 44 years. Even now, the OED remains a work in progress, with new words and definitions being added with each periodic update.

Which famed "man of letters" worked for a brief time as a postmaster in Oxford, Mississippi?

A) Truman Capote

B) William Faulkner

C) John Grisham

D) Tennessee Williams

Previous answer: In the 1931 film "City Lights," Charlie Chaplin's character falls in love with a blind woman played by Virginia Cherrill.

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