By Joseph Pubillones

October 26, 2019 4 min read

Doors and windows are said to be the eyes and ears of buildings. Doors are great communicators. When they are open wide, they mean welcome. When doors are opened slowly, they can cause anticipation. If they creek, a door can instill fear. A slammed door ... Well, it could mean someone is upset or someone is in a rush.

Doors often create a first impression upon arriving at a place. Sometimes they let you see in to give you a glimpse of the inside, and sometimes they are solid to keep prying eyes at bay. Doors are a very important element in any building that defines the boundaries between the public and the private room, and even in between rooms. Their design can also serve as a prelude to the architecture and the decor inside.

Doors can be made of different materials depending on their use and location. They can be made of panels, wood (both solid or hollow styles) or veneered in exotic woods and painted in any color or finish, such as gloss or matte.

They can also be made of innovative materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and tempered glass — or a combination of all of the above.

A solid door has the power to convey a solid construction, which is why many builders and homeowners don't mind spending some extra cash on this particular item. Architects and designers also like to choose the largest door possible for your home, as it gives an impression of grandeur. Of course, you must keep it in proportion to the architecture and the size of the home.

A plain design on the door can serve a utilitarian function, while a more ornate or embellished door can symbolize the entrance to an important space.

Those that follow feng shui know that the positioning of the door has a lot to do with the well-being of those that live in the home. They also believe that a red front door brings good fortune and is a sign of welcome. Americans also believe in the color red as a positive force, which explains why there are so many churches and homes with red doors.

The hardware selected for doors throughout your home is equally important. Traditionally, doors have been hinged, allowing the doors to swing open and shut. The current trend that is being used more often is a derivative of a pocket door; it is a sliding door with surface mounted hardware reminiscent of an old barn door. These floating doors have quite a contemporary appeal, and the hardware can be quite slick, in materials like stainless steel and titanium.

The cleaning and maintenance of your front door is equally important for the health of your home and your family. It is believed that a regular cleansing of the front door is beneficial physically and spiritually for your home. This maintenance will make sure to take away dust and dirt that can harbor bacteria and illnesses. It is also a good practice to open doors periodically to allow fresh air into your home. It also represents to your neighbors that you are open to friendship. Just make sure that your door doesn't slam!

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