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By Joseph Pubillones

March 2, 2019 4 min read

When I was a student in the fourth grade, our teacher gave us an assignment investigating different types of poems. She gave us an assignment to write a haiku (a kind of short Japanese poem). I didn't think that assignment from elementary school would bear much of a prediction. Here is the haiku I wrote:

When I grow up

I'll be a lawyer or writer

That's what I'll be

Well, part of that was right. Like most persons with a knack for writing, I have an addiction to books. If you are a book lover like me, the question that comes to mind when organizing books is how to display them. Books are important as a source of knowledge, but to some, books are also cherished treasures, almost like friends, and decorating with them is a serious matter. The late short story writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges said, "I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library." Most rooms with stacks and stacks of books are sanctuaries for book lovers.

The quick-fire answer is to storing books is a bookcase, of course. But what kind of bookcase? A built-in one made of painted or stained wood is pretty standard in homes with a designated library or office. A moveable bookcase made of wood or metal is just another option and can be used in any room. Even a repurposed old china cabinet filled with your favorite tomes is a viable "library."

Not everyone has the benefit of an extra room for a library. However, books can be placed in almost any room. Other than a designated library or office, my favorite place for a bookcase is a dining room. Besides creating an elegant background, a dining room table can double as a place to sit and read or do some research or homework. It is quite convenient to have books within reach. As such, everyone will use them. Books can go everywhere.

Other locations that are suitable for storing books include entryways, hallways and even large powder rooms that can accommodate a bookcase or cupboard. Books can also be stored in a coffee table that has shelves. A stack of books that can also function as a side table. A table in an entry hall can be stacked with mountains of books for a casual chic look. A narrow shelf or shelves can be even placed on an ample stair landing for books so that you can grab one on your way to bed or out the door.

Finally, another often-overlooked area for books is the bedroom. Again, Jorge Luis Borges also stated, "I cannot sleep unless I am surrounded by books." The truth is that books lend a certain warmth to a room, and perhaps what Borges was referring to is the feeling of comfort provided by books. An idea to take away from this quote is to incorporate books into a room by using a bookcase as a headboard, making your books easy to reach while you're in bed. So now you know where you'll find me most of the time — in bed.

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