Lifestyle Questions From the Survey (Part 2)

By Susan Deitz

September 13, 2017 3 min read

Here, in the never-married section of the survey, responses are worth an extended reading because this is a population rarely polled — and even more rarely in full voice. So think a bit about this group's words as you add your own:

—Have you chosen not to marry because you want to grow as a person first? (About 58 percent said no.)

—Do you believe it's possible to grow as an individual within marriage? (Seventy-eight percent said yes.)

—Does your planning for the future (if you intend to marry) include a marriage contract or prenuptial agreement? (About 38 percent said no; 31.7 percent said yes.)

—Do your reasons for remaining single include not wanting to coordinate your sexual needs with a partner? (About 90 percent said no.)

—If you were to marry, do you believe your sex life would change in terms of frequency and satisfaction? (About 65 percent said "more frequent"; 61.6 percent said "more satisfying"; 14.6 percent said "no change.")

Living single in America has changed. Whereas once the solo person was regarded as an oddball — a reject, a strange breed few would mingle with — the option of never marrying has earned a rightful place of dignity here in our country. Money is tight, and responsibilities are increasing. Many people are caring for parents and children simultaneously, finding themselves sandwiched between generations and doing what they can to help both.

So legalities and societal approval have receded in the minds of most, giving way to fiscal imperatives. Whether this will be a positive for single people remains to be seen. Moi? Color me optimistic.

To be continued.

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