Feelings Inventory (Part 2 of 2)

By Susan Deitz

February 21, 2018 2 min read

As promised, here is more food for thought. Read the following sentences closely, and mark whether you agree or disagree with each.

—Going places alone is the last resort. It makes me look and feel like a reject.

—Marriage and children are the ultimate fulfillment for every woman.

—Being married is better than being single.

—Women who are assertive and strong turn men off.

—I'm only working until I get married. I don't take my job seriously.

—The object of single life is to find a mate and get married.

—Any mate is better than none.

—True happiness is found only in marriage.

—Women don't have to save money; a man will give them financial security.

—Women should wait for a man to make the first move — in everything.

—Men want only young, unwrinkled, carefree companions.

—Being single is an unnatural state that should be ended as quickly as possible.

—Being older means being undesirable, rigid, out of touch, powerless.

I bet those tidbits got you thinking, yes? Right now, when you're in the mood, make some notes about your reactions. They're meant to tickle those little gray cells, so spend a little time listening to — hearing — what they're telling you. Are you cheating yourself out of some parts of life because you think that's expected of singleness? Think again, my friend. Then write to me and fill me in on your single life, the way it's helped you grow.

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