The Green New Deal Is a Bad Deal for Americans

By Neil Patel

April 4, 2019 5 min read

A weather phenomenon called a polar vortex recently descended on the Midwest. Temperatures dropped to lows that didn't seem real. Parts of Illinois fell to 38 degrees below zero, a new state record. In Thief River Falls, Minnesota, temperatures approached 80 below. Cold like that will turn hot coffee to ice crystals before it hits the ground. Your lungs barely work. A number of people in the region were found frozen to death.

After a period of this insanely cold weather, things began to warm up. Climate change will continue as it always has: Spring will come. But a cold snap this ferocious is a good reminder of why energy is important. It keeps us alive. Without energy, we freeze in the winter, and overheat in the summer. Without energy, MRI machines don't work. Crops can't be harvested. Goods aren't produced. Planes can't fly. Civilization dies. Energy is the key to everything.

But what if forces within your own country sought to disrupt your nation's energy supply? We don't need to guess. It's happening now. These forces have a battle plan they're calling the Green New Deal. Like most ideas that come out of Washington, the Green New Deal got its name before anyone settled on the specifics. Presumably, we'll learn those later. But for now, the main policy attribute, as enunciated by the programs biggest promoter, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is no use of fossil fuels at all within 12 years.

No fossil fuels within 12 years. That's the headline. Before we assess whether that is even possible — it is, as the congresswoman herself has said, an "ambitious" goal — let's consider what it would mean for the country. It means no coal, no oil, no natural gas. It means no cars and no airplanes. It means shutting down the single most vibrant part of the U.S. economy — the energy sector. It means putting at least 6 million Americans out of work.

As of today, America is the largest oil producer in the world. We export more natural gas than any other country. More than 90% of all of our energy comes from fossil fuels and nuclear power. We'd have to figure out a way to replace that. In 12 years. Ambitious? That's one way to describe it. "More destructive than a major war on U.S. soil" would be another way. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand calls this prospect, "really exciting." Kamala Harris agrees. Bernie Sanders isn't just a fan. He says eliminating fossil fuels immediately is a moral imperative.

What's so interesting is that the party of science somehow forgot to consult actual scientists about this plan. Talk to one and see for yourself. We're nowhere near being able to do any of this. Wind power is a scam, an elaborate rip-off perpetuated on impoverished rural America by a few heavily subsidized corporations getting rich from making the landscape uglier. Solar is a promising technology, actually, but we're a long way from being able to efficiently store the energy it produces.

The Green New Deal isn't about actually about energy policy. It's religion. Ocasio-Cortez herself recently said the Green New Deal is about social justice. Let us know if anyone even knows what that means. The extremists in this new climate change religion are just as extreme as the most fringe radicals of any actual religion. They are the ISIS or the Klansmen of the energy policy debate, espousing views so radical that normal people should not take them seriously.

The combustion of fossil fuels has transformed the world and increased the standard of living for everyone. Due to reliable and affordable energy, more people are working and fewer people are starving. American fossil fuel development has helped restart our manufacturing sector. Proposing these radical changes without analyzing any of the details or understanding the implications is beyond irresponsible. And yet, today, mainstream Democratic politicians are jostling to jump on this bandwagon. As usual, those who will pay the price are the very American workers these politicians were elected to represent.

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