'No Collusion' Is Common Sense

By Neil Patel

April 11, 2019 6 min read

Recently, some big news came out of the U.S. Senate. It was news that, for whatever reason, is being downplayed or ignored by most media outlets.

Five simple words for you: There was no Russian collusion. None. There is no evidence whatsoever that the Trump campaign conspired in any way with the government of Vladimir Putin during the 2016 presidential election. Period. That was the final conclusion of the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee. The committee spent two years investigating this question. They conducted hundreds of interviews, poured through reams of classified documents and spent untold millions in taxpayer dollars. No collusion at all — that's what they found. Even Democrats on the committee are admitting that now.

If you've been following the story at all, none of this is likely to come as a surprise. "No Russian collusion" is a lot like "The moon landing actually happened" or "The abominable snowman was probably a long-haired mountain goat." You already knew that. You're not an idiot. Compare your mental acuity to that of prominent political figures in Washington:

Rep. Adam Schiff (House Intelligence Committee Chairman): "I think there's plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight."

Rep. Maxine Waters: "Trump has the Kremlin clan surrounding him. There's more to be learned about it. I believe there has been collusion."

Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta: "It's starting to smell more and more like collusion."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: "We saw cold, hard evidence of the Trump campaign, the Trump family eagerly intending to collude possibly with Russia."

In the end, it was all fake. Only their remarkable aggression, their willingness to say literally anything, no matter how outrageous or slanderous or vile, kept the rest of us from catching on. If the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is willing to call someone a traitor to this country, there must be some truth in it, right? Actually, no. Schiff will say anything to try to hurt Donald Trump. That's the real lesson in all this.

Don't expect people like Schiff to apologize or correct the record, much less repair the many lives they've destroyed. Junior Trump campaign adviser Carter Page still can't find a job. Roger Stone is still facing life in prison. Meanwhile, Schiff's public relations teams on the news networks continue like nothing happened. Here's how Malcolm Nance of MSNBC explained that the results of a two-year Senate investigation mean nothing. Apparently, people are guilty because we say they are, and we must punish them:

"Let me just say one thing: When Benedict Arnold gave the plans to West Point, to Major André, and they captured Major André, they didn't have any real information linking those plans to Benedict Arnold other than the fact that he was in his presence at one point during that day, but everyone knew it was treason when they caught the man, and they hung him. So, at some point, there's going to be a bridge of data here that is going to be unassailable."

"Everyone knew it was treason when they caught the man, and they hung him." That says it all. That's our country now.

That's what the Russia insanity has done to us. The real government shutdown has lasted for nearly two and a half years, 1% of America's entire existence as a country. We no longer have meaningful policy debates in Washington; we have investigations. No one can think clearly. Everyone's afraid. The country's core problems don't even rate as interesting anymore. Suicide just hit a 50-year high. We're in the middle of our worst drug epidemic the nation's history. In many parts of the country, life expectancy is dropping. We're starting to look like Yeltsin's Russia. Nobody in Washington even notices. All that Schiff and the rest of the wild-eyed screamers can think about are Putin, collusion, our "hacked" democracy and all the other mindless slogans they've repeated long enough to half-believe. They've spent two years perpetuating a fraud. They're still doing it.

This is negligence on a stunning scale. Who put these crackpots in charge and let them break things? Why didn't anybody in the media say anything? What the hell happened in America? History will judge us for this.

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