Slamming the Supremes, Social Darwinism and Placenta Talk

By Mark Levy

April 7, 2012 4 min read

Dear Mark: What is going on with our president? This week, he basically "disrobed" the Supreme Court and insulted them by calling them "unelected" in a demeaning manner in reference to his health care law. Barack Obama taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago and should realize the Supreme Court is on equal terms with the presidency when it comes to our government. Why would this man who is supposed to be so smart and smooth make such outrageous comments? — Legal Eagle in Louisiana

Dear Legal: President Obama is having trouble wrapping his liberal brain around the fact that he and his party put together a piece of crappy legislation that Republicans, the tea party and pundits throughout the country were telling him was unconstitutional. The reality slapped him in the face when his side presented a bumbling defense for Obamacare in front of the Supremes. As a result, he is lashing out against our highest court.

Some are speculating that Obama may have received some inside information from one of his appointees as to the vote, and he may be just a little bit peeved. I have to give him credit though for making lemonade out of lemons, as he is obviously turning this into another divisive campaign issue.

As you stated, President Obama is a former constitutional law professor and knows the Supreme Court has overturned hundreds of laws throughout its history. Obama's observation that it is somehow "unprecedented" if the Supreme Court strikes down the Obamacare mandate is a deliberate attempt to muddy the water in order to create another enemy to run against in November. Obama already wants to run against the evil bankers, the price-gouging oil companies, the heartless Wall-Streeters and the wealthy in general, so why not run against an "unelected group of people" who had the gall to take away what the great messiah so mercifully handed to the unwashed?

Dear Mark: President Obama described the Paul Ryan Republican budget as a "thinly veiled social Darwinism." What the heck is he talking about? — Slim Sam in Alabam

Dear Slim: Many describe Social Darwinism as taking the survival of the fittest theory in nature and applying it to humans by pitting racial groups against each other. This was not some casual remark by President Obama, but calculated as it has a very negative connotation. Historians have often described Hitler as practicing social Darwinism with the Holocaust. Connecting Republicans to Hitler — hmm, coincidence?

Dear Readers: Here's one more reason why Hollywood should be irrelevant in politics: "Mad Men" actress January Jones recently disclosed that after the birth of her son she had her placenta dehydrated and put into capsules which she takes as a dietary supplement. The actress justified her actions by saying, "It's something I was hesitant about, but we're the only mammals who don't ingest our own placentas." Don't roll your eyes. Her reasoning is sound by Hollywood standards.

I may just be a Neanderthal conservative pundit, but I don't look to animals for my lifestyle decisions. We have two dogs that love to dine at the cat's litter box as well as eat their own vomit, not to mention all that butt-sniffing. Let's see Ms. Jones try that. Monkeys love to play with their poop and throw it at others, and I don't believe humans should engage in that activity. Unless of course you're an "Occupier" — then that seems to be socially acceptable for liberals.

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