By Lynda Hirsch

December 28, 2019 5 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke and Hope agree about their feelings towards Zoe. Carter questions Zoe about her relationship with Thomas. Thomas informs Steffy that he is no longer fixated on Hope. Steffy lets Brooke in on her and Liam's plan to use Zoe to find out the truth about Thomas's feelings for Hope. Brooke confronts Liam as to why he didn't tell her about the plan to use Zoe. Liam reassures Brooke that they must be patient in order for their plan to work. Thomas tells Hope he intends to prove to her that he's a changed man. Hope and Thomas share an important moment with Douglas. Sally confides to Steffy that she cannot lose the fashion showdown to Thomas and Hope. Steffy makes a confession to Sally about Liam. Hope freaks out when Thomas makes an inappropriate gesture while they are designing. Thomas denies being obsessed with Hope and goes so far as to ask her to watch Douglas for the evening because he has a date with Zoe. Brooke does not believe that Zoe and Steffy can outmaneuver Thomas. Thomas sets a romantic setting for Zoe. Zoe is moved when Thomas expresses that he sees a future with her. Brooke tells Steffy that their plan is setting Zoe up for major heartbreak. Hope shares with Liam that Thomas and Zoe may spend the night together.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": At Society, Chance lets Adam know he's staying in Genoa City. He knows they're both reminders of their past in Las Vegas but staying in town is the best decision. Adam just wants to leave their Vegas days forgotten. Phyllis interrupts them and warns Chance that Adam will stab him in the back. Later, Adam wants to take Connor to Hope farm where he spent his childhood; and he wants Chelsea to come. Disliking this, Chelsea believes Adam is pulling an elaborate scheme to get Connor away from his Newman side of the family. Adam knows Nick doesn't want him around. Adam reminisces about the farm where they exchanged vows. He knows it'll resurrect emotions for Chelsea as he confesses his love for her. Chelsea knows they'll always have a bond because of Connor but she loves Nick. Later, Billy and Victoria celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Billy learns that a deal he's consulting on hasn't closed and needs to stay in town. Victoria offers to postpone their flight to Telluride but Billy insists they leave without him. He promises he'll make it as soon as the deal is closed. Victoria hates to leave Billy behind on Christmas Eve. He holds her tight as he psychologically battles himself that he may never be the man she needs. Ashley returns home to surprise her family for Christmas. Jack hosts a Christmas Eve dinner at Society where Lauren and Michael join the festivities. Later, Lauren receives the ultimate Christmas gift. On Christmas Day, Victor and Nikki remember the true meaning of Christmas when an unexpected guest arrives at the Newman Ranch. A baby is left at their door.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Rafe is confused by Hope's cool demeanor when he arrives at Rolf's liar. Thinking Kate is ailing, Marlena pays her a visit. Stevano hides, but can barely contain himself from revealing his presence. When Marlena walks into the room she is startled when she sees Stefano's ring. Kate explains she got it from Andre. John and Abe wonder if Stefano is in town. For the holidays, John decides to visit son Paul in Chicago. Abe is heading to see Theo who has made full recovery from being shot by JJ. Abigail convinces JJ to tell Jack and Jennifer about his drug addiction. They all promise to be at his side during his recovery. Stevano decides to hide as the hospital Santa. Kayla has a strange feeling when she looks "Santa" in his eyes. Kristen and Lani put their plans to regain their lives into play. Ben has a Christmas visit from Ciara. Eve is released from prison. Xander heads to Chicago to see Sarah. The Hortons trim the Christmas tree.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": As Monica reads "A Christmas Carol" at the hospital, Finn dreams he is Scrooge after almost spoiling the holiday for Violet. The search is on for Cassandra. As Lucas remains in a coma, Julian is overwhelmed with guilt and anger. Sonny presses Carly to reveal her secret. She hedges for fear Sonny will have Jax deported. Franco is confused when Liz tells him he slept with Kim when he had Drew's memories. Ava tells Nikolas she is keeping the codicil to have leverage over him. Kevin thinks Charlotte's spotting of Nikolas is just an overactive imagination. Valentin and Lulu spar over Charlotte's custody. While Sam remains in jail, Jason tries to have a happy holiday for the children.


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