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December 15, 2018 8 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke and Ridge discuss how protective Ridge is of Taylor and the complicated ties between their families. Hope and Liam share in their excitement for the baby to arrive. They also share in how difficult it is to process what Taylor did to Bill. Ridge receives a text from Taylor and leaves Brooke to meet with Taylor and Steffy. Reese questions Zoe about Brooke.

Katie, Brooke, Hope and Donna have a baby-naming session for Hope's daughter. Taylor pleads with Liam to convince Hope and Brooke that she is not a threat to anyone, especially her granddaughter, Kelly. Zoe confronts her father about his past behavior with women. She reminds him that Taylor is her boss's mother and hopes he won't create a problem for her. Later, Zoe tells Xander about Reese's history. Taylor meets with her sponsor. Katie and Donna pester Brooke to reveal why she's so upset with Taylor. Steffy is adamant to Liam that Taylor is not a threat to anyone. She states that the biggest problem in their lives is not Taylor, but Brooke and Hope telling other people that Taylor was the person who shot Bill. When Taylor admits she's thinking of leaving Los Angeles, Reese asks her to reconsider. Brooke tells Hope that having Taylor back in Los Angeles is dangerous for everyone. Reese questions Taylor about her current romantic status before giving her an unexpected kiss.

Hope tells Brooke she understands her position on Taylor but she doesn't want to upset Steffy and ruin the dynamic of their extended family. Zoe expresses her fear to Xander that Reese will upset her perfect life in Los Angeles. Zoe and Xander reflect on their relationship. Zoe introduces Tiffany to Reese. Taylor shares her interest in Reese with Steffy, who suggests she move in with her and baby Kelly. Brooke warns Liam that he needs to protect his family. Steffy and Taylor are equally excited about the prospect of living together. Wyatt and Sally practice yoga poses as Sally shares her plans. Wyatt and Sally confess their love to each other.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Nikki returns home, finally feeling safe, but her sense of security is shattered when she finds J.T.'s bloody clothes laid out on her bed. Deeply shaken, Nikki goes to see Victoria, but before they can fully discuss the situation, Reed enters, having returned home for the holiday break and intending to discover the identity of his father's killer.

Victoria's worries continue to grow when Billy comes to see her, revealing that he's worried by all the anger and pain that he sees in Reed. Struggling, Reed seeks comfort from his friendship with Charlie and Mattie, but Cane makes it clear that he still disapproves of their connection. Upon returning home, Reed overhears Victoria and Billy discussing the investigation into Victor, and he flies into a rage. He accuses his mother of keeping secrets from him, immediately assuming Victor's guilt. Victoria gets Reed to understand Victor did not kill J.T.

Wanting to do something to take control of their situation, Nikki sets a makeup consultation with Mia and attempts to befriend the woman. Seeing that Nikki can offer her the social advancement she so desires, Mia eagerly reciprocates, believing that this friendship can help both her and Rey. Rey and Mia hit the sheets.

Mariah is horrified when she realizes Sharon was involved in Tessa's abduction. Mariah tells Sharon she is going to give Tessa another romantic chance.

Wanting to get her new project off the ground, Abby asks Nick to come on as a consultant, but he's unable to agree, so she instead goes to Devon. On her way to meet him, Abby catches sight of Lola at the new pop-up shop she's opened at the coffeehouse, and she's struck by another idea.

Jack continues his pursuit of Kerry, but he's thrown when she begins to miss dates and ignore his calls. Jack is thrilled when Kerry agrees to a date. When he says he likes her because she's complicated, she tells him he has no idea.

Cane relents about Mattie and Reed spending time together. Devon tells Cane he is going to replace the musical clients at the company. Devon blows off Cane's suggestion that he check with Neil.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Lucas tells Chloe and his family that Allie has a drinking problem and he needs to be with her in order to get her sober. Before leaving, he places his ornament on top of the Christmas tree. Eric is thrilled when Maggie says he can raise Holly. Sarah and Eric prepare for Holly's homecoming. Eric is blindsided when he learns that Chloe received a long ago letter from Nicole saying she wants Chloe to raise the child. He warns her he will go to court to fight for Holly. When Sarah has to return to Chicago ASAP or lose her hospital position, Kayla offers her a job in Salem. Sheila reads the wedding vows to Sonny and Leo. Will assures Sonny they will find a way to be together. Abby pretending to be Gabby gets out of lovemaking with Stefan by saying it's too soon after their daughter's birth. Abby convinces Julie to help prove that she is not having a personality split and is being set up by Gabi. Gabi walks in as Julie is rifling through her drawers. Chad gets an injunction against Stefan's business deal. Rafe is concerned when he realizes Hope is using Ted to get rid of Ben. Ciara tells her mother she is a big girl and will be with whichever man she wants to be with. Tripp tells Clair his breakup with Ciara is too fresh for him to become involved with her.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Carly and Ava have a catfight at the cemetery. Finding a sloshed Griffin, Chase calls on Finn to help him. Obrecht is furious when she learns Britt being sick was a con job to get her back to Port Charles and pay for what she did to Peter. Obrecht tells Valentin he better save her or she will tell the truth about Sasha not being Nina's daughter. Obrecht tells him she saw him take DNA from her dead sister Madeline so he could prove he had found Nina's daughter. After admitting she loves him, Nina agrees to stay at Wyndemere. Chase and Willow enjoy their first date. Sonny is crushed when Mike has a temper tantrum. Marcus spots a lovey-dovey moment between Yvonne and Mike. Nina rants against Willow when Lulu tells her that Charlotte has been making fun of Aiden. Lulu and Valentin insist Charlotte apologize. Cameron tells Liz that Aiden will always be picked on because he does not fit in and never will. Sonny will not listen when Jason and Carly tell him not to trust Margaux. Carly fumes when Margaux comes to the house to return the scarf Sonny leant her when she was cold. A mourning Julian is unhappy when he sees how close Drew and Kim have become. Kim convinces Julian that she and Drew are close because they are supporting each other while Oscar undergoes cancer treatment. Laura realizes that Ava and "Kevin" are having an affair. When Spencer tells Sonny about the election tampering, Sonny tells Spencer he loves him and does not want him to make the poor choices he did when he was young. Franco and Liz put their wedding on hold while they deal with Kiki's murder. After they almost kiss, Maxie and Peter wonder where their relationship is headed. Sam gets information about Leland.


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