By Lynda Hirsch

December 1, 2018 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Justin attempts to persuade Bill to put his Spencer necklace back on and blames Brooke for changing him. Brooke suggests a baby name for Hope and Liam's child. Detective Sanchez arrives and wants to reopen his investigation into Bill's shooting. Taylor argues with Steffy that Liam should be with her, not Hope. Steffy reminds Taylor that Bill did them a favor by not turning her in, and Taylor worries that Bill may change his mind. Detective Sanchez raises concern that Bill does not want to solve his attempted murder.

Taylor continues to be haunted by the fact that she shot Bill. Liam becomes concerned when Steffy tells him that her mom just finished visiting. Steffy indicates Taylor's intentions for her future and defends Taylor to Liam. Hope reminds Brooke that she and Steffy are on better terms than they've ever been. Brooke tells Hope that Steffy reminds her of Taylor. Later, Hope is startled by Taylor, who accuses Hope of taking everything away from Steffy. Liam and Steffy argue about whether or not Taylor is stable enough to watch baby Kelly.

Liam continues to push that he doesn't want Taylor around Kelly. He confesses to Steffy that he also thinks that Taylor has extra animosity toward Hope, and he's concerned. Meanwhile, in the Forrester CEO office, Hope and Taylor continue to argue. Hope defends herself, which angers Taylor. Bill arrives at Steffy's and tells her about Taylor's visit and that he's not sure her therapy is working. Liam arrives as Taylor is verbally attacking Hope and intervenes on Hope's behalf. When Taylor leaves, Liam tells Hope that there is more to Taylor than she knows. Ridge and Taylor reunite, both surprised to see each other. Ridge encourages Taylor to tell him what is bothering her.

Hope is shocked to learn from Liam that Taylor was the one who shot Bill. She has many more questions for Liam. Taylor and Ridge discuss how horrible they think Bill is. Taylor arrives to see Steffy in time to catch Brooke and Steffy's argument about Hope. When Steffy leaves, Taylor and Brooke reignite their decades-long feud over their daughter.

Hope walks in on Taylor and Brooke's fight and tries to defuse the situation. Steffy is upset that Liam told Hope about Taylor shooting Bill. Dr. Reese Buckingham, Zoe's father, makes a surprise visit, which catches Zoe off guard. She becomes unhappy when he reveals that he is moving to Los Angeles. Liam believes that Steffy should not tell Taylor that Hope knows, as she may not have a positive reaction.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Even though she feels betrayed by Tessa, Mariah still cares for her. Sharon tells her to follow her heart. Thanks to a gift card from Sharon, Rey and Mia have an intimate reunion. Arturo is proud of Abby when she buys a building and asks him to do the needed construction. Lola backs off of sex, and Kyle is stunned when she reveals she is a virgin. When Summer accepts Victor's offer in Dubai, Nick thinks his father made the offer to Summer to keep Nick and Summer apart. Confronted by her misdeeds, Tessa swears to Victoria she did not move J.T.'s body. Billy and Phyllis bond over their Jabot project. Billy wonders if he pulled away from Phyllis too soon. Devon is not pleased when sister Ana arrives in town to help him deal with his problems. Neil moves to the town where Lily has been imprisoned. Finding drugs at Devon's, Cane thinks they belong to Shauna. After swearing they are not hers, she prepares to go back to Denver. Even though he swears they are not his drugs, Devon gets an unbraiding from Cane. Cane tells his brother-in-law Charlie and Mattie have too much to deal with, and they do not need to be exposed to drugs. Jack continues to romance Kelly. Alone, Devon experiences shortness of breath and clutches his chest.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Rafe tells Hope he saw Ciara and Ben kissing, pulled them apart. Hope is not happy when Rafe says Ciara is a grown woman and can make her own choices. Hope teams up with Ted to hang the cabin fire on Ben. When Stefan's security agent makes too many mistakes, Stefan hires Ben for the job and allows him to stay at the mansion. Having a change of heart, Stefan gives Jennifer the go-ahead to visit Abby. Abby continues to insist Gabi has been gaslighting her. Abby tells Chad she wants nothing to do with him and kicks him out. When Stefan comes to visit, Abby dons Gabby's dark wig. Will is stunned when he learns Kate worked with Leo to bring him down. Leo tells Sonny if he does not marry him, he will tell the police that Will and Sonny tried to kidnap him. Sarah thinks Eric should raise Holly, as Nicole wanted. Maggie wants to raise her granddaughter. Stefan tells Kayla he is working to get Steve out of jail.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Crushed when she learns Oscar has cancer, Joss talks him into having treatment. He tells drew and Kim he is going to stay where he is living and lets them know he is doing it for Joss. Alexis is glad Oscar is no longer seeking emancipation. When Kristina finds Jason and Sam in a close situation, she assumes they made love. Kristina cannot believe that sex for them is still on hold. Jordan and Curtis are about to marry, when Stella arrives. She tells them Mike and Marcus made her realize life is too short for bitterness. Jordan is touched when Stella gives her a family handkerchief for her "something old." Griffin is uneasy when Kiki does not arrive for the wedding. At her house, he finds a broken vase and bloody shawl. Curtis and Jordan find a body in their honeymoon bed. Turning the body over, Griffin realizes it is Kiki. Making love to Ava, "Ryan" thinks she will be glad her daughter is dead. He is stunned when she breaks down over Kiki's death. Arrested for Kiki's murder after a bloody knife with Kiki's blood is found, Griffin swears he is innocent. Anna believes him. Learning Obrecht is in Cuba, Anna heads down there. Finn does not know if he will go to see Hayden after he gets her letter from Europe. Franco is heartbroken when Scott tells him Kiki was murdered. Ava vows to get even with Griffin, who she thinks murdered Kiki to get even with Ava for his losing medical privileges. Jake tells Franco that the kids in school think Aiden is weird. Drew thanks Jason when he offers to do anything he can to help Oscar.


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