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December 15, 2018 4 min read

Oh, joy! My Christmas gift arrived early this year. Readers of this column know I am obsessed with true crime — almost as obsessed as I was with Mike Robinson in middle school. True crime movies, books, TV — I have them all at my place. I would be in trouble if someone I knew were murdered and the police came rapping at my door; I would be a person of interest.

The fixation began with "Jonestown." I wanted to figure out what made this guy tick. I tried to figure out what allowed people to sip a poison-laced brew. Of course, I could not figure it out. Who could? Ten years ago, Steve Brill, who created Court TV, pulled the plug. I wore a black dress for over a year. Like a widow who gets tired of being lonely, I looked for substitutes. Sure there's OWN, Investigation Discovery, Crime Network. None of them could replace Court TV. I kept it on life support.

Like a person waking up after a decade long coma, Court TV lives! Scripps Howard and Katz Productions have joined forces. Come April of 2019. Court TV will once again rule my DVR. Vinnie Politan who was the chief anchor, returns to that post. I hope he has aged as well as Doug Llewelyn, who returned to "People's Court" last year. The guy must have a picture aging in the attic.

Yes, I watch all those real Court TV shows, from Marilyn Milian to Greg Mathis. Judge Judy scares me. If Mother Teresa walked into her court room, she would given Judy's famous stare and be told, "I don't believe you." Of course, I will continue to fall asleep to "Snapped" and "Deadly Women." Maybe those are the reason for my killer nightmares.

But Court TV lives! Long lives Court TV on cable, satellite and some local channels.

Tamara Braun (Dr. Kim Nero on "General Hospital") posted an emotional plea on Twitter, urging viewers to stop the cyberbullying and to just watch the show without posting hateful comments on social media.

Like many actresses before her, Tamara struggles with getting fans to separate her from her alter ego. For whatever reason, the fans seem to believe that Tamara deserves the hatred and anger that they feel for Kim Nero. There's only one problem: Kim is not real. Kim is a soap opera character!

Tamara posted on Twitter: "Some people are mean, thoughtless and intentionally unkind. I wish it would stop. #bekind." Her followers agreed with her, adding that some fans have a hard time distinguishing reality from soap opera. Sadly, this treatment is nothing new. Before social media, angry soap fans got up close and personal. Eileen Fulton (Lisa Grimaldi on "As the World Turns") recalls being wacked over the head with an umbrella. Braun can turn to her castmates for solace. Steve Burton (Jason on "General Hospital") and Maurice Benard (Sonny on "General Hospital") are wildly popular, but they get lots of hateful posts. A year ago, a soap newbie, who wants to remain anonymous, almost quit the show. "They not only said nasty things about me. They took on my family, my dog. It was surreal." A fellow castmate who went through the same thing told him not to read Twitter or Facbeook: "Nothing good will come of it." Every once and while, the actor will sneak a Twitter peek. While he now gets lots of positive mail, he says he still gets nasty ones. "I remember the 'I hate you. Just die!' messages. So, I just do not look at the posts."

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