By Lynda Hirsch

November 9, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Thomas tells Hope exactly what it will take to get him to sign the adoption papers. Donna and Brooke discuss how risky Hope's plan is. Steffy defends Thomas to Liam. Ridge puts together Hope's plan to take custody of Douglas. Liam realizes that Steffy is ready to date. Hope confesses to Brooke Thomas' horrible proposal, proving to Brooke that she's right about her stepson's motivation. Bill visits Liam and Hope and realizes something is off between them. Hope swears Brooke to secrecy about Thomas' indecent proposal. Liam agrees to return to Spencer Publications. Zoe gives an unexpected kiss. Thomas encourages Douglas to reach out to Hope. Liam watches with concern as Douglas FaceTimes Hope and asks her to visit. Steffy is stunned when Thomas admits he's thinking of giving Hope shared custody. She urges to him to think about this decision. Thomas lures Hope to him by telling her to bring the adoption papers. While spending time with Shauna, Ridge confides in her his fear of Brooke and Hope plotting to take Douglas. Hope visits Thomas and Douglas at Forrester Creations. Thomas plays Hope with the adoption papers. Donna helps assuage Brooke's fears of Hope being alone with Thomas. Steffy invites Liam over. Ridge confronts Brooke and asks direct questions about her and Hope's end goal. Thomas makes a grand gesture and then asks Hope to do the same. Brooke and Ridge fight over Hope's right to become a legal guardian to Douglas. When Thomas refuses to tell Hope where Douglas is, she goes on the hunt for him. Searching for Douglas, Hope gets into a tussle with Thomas. When Hope pushes Thomas away, he tumbles into the churning water.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Billy and Kyle are skeptical when Jack wants them to welcome Theo to the Abbot family. Theo assures Dina he had a wonderful childhood. Devon and Elena share a warm reunion when Devon returns home after searching for Tucker. Devon shares that he found Tucker in a secluded commune in Thailand. Tucker denied forging Katherine's will. Tucker told Devon that he is on a quest to find inner peace away from materialistic things. Meanwhile at Society, Nate overhears Cane on the phone with his investment manager and is not amused when he hears Cane spending his inheritance. Nate doesn't hold back that he thinks Devon got screwed out of the will. Cane says it wasn't his fault. Later, Nate meets with Amanda to discuss her strategy for Nate's hearing with the medical board. Victor arrives and shares that he will take full responsibility and believes Nate will be exonerated. Adam asks Victor for permission to visit Hope's farm in Kansas. Victor is impressed that Adam wants to show Connor where he grew up and have some knowledge of his grandmother and gives him permission. Victor wonders why Chelsea would let Adam leave with Connor. He offers his knife for Connor to carve their names in the elm tree. Adam is touched by this grandfatherly gesture. Nikki is proud of Nick for connecting with voters. However, she wants to know why he hasn't told Victor about his campaign. Nick reluctantly agrees to talk to Victor. He's been avoiding the lecture from his father. Nick thinks Victor doesn't support his campaign or his journey to branch out on his own. Nikki wants him to go easy on his father, being back from the dead and all. Victor wanted Nick to aim higher than a council member position. Victor hopes his son will crush the competition.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": As everyone searches for Jordan, Ben continues to fear she will harm Ciara. Eli and Lani march down the aisle. Blackmailed by Gabi, Lani jilts Eli at the alter. Marlena, who was officiating, is stunned. As Marlena is about to pronounce Eli and Lani man and wife, Lani stops the ceremony. Gabi, who's using her ability to cause Julie to have a heart attack, quietly gloats. Blindsided by the events, Eli presses Lani for an answer. She says she doesn't love him enough. With fresh marriage certificates, Adrienne and Justin and Jack and Jennifer have Marlena marry them. As Jack is celebrating his marriage, he hears Jennifer scream and watches as she goes over the balcony. Following emergency surgery, Jennifer slips into a coma. Jack thinks Rolf pushed her over the balcony. In fact, it was Gina, who feared Jennifer would activate Rolf's flash drive and that would be the end of Princess Gina. Pretending to be Hope, Gina sneaks into Jennifer's hospital room and prepares to smother her with a pillow. Eric warns Brady not to trust Kristen. Nicole daydreams that she told Eric Sarah was carrying his baby and he walked out on her. Xander presses Maggie to stay in Salem. Ben is horrified when he goes to the house and finds Ciara underneath a pile of rubble. Eric is stunned when he learns Sarah is carrying his child. Staying at the bedside of the comatose Jennifer, Jack keeps turning over the hourglass. When Jennifer comes to, he tells her he has been at her side for a year. Brady gives into his desire for Kristen.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Nikolas tells Cassandra he's in town for two reasons: to destroy Valentin and regain his place as the rightful Cassadine heir. Hiding out at Jax's new home, Nikolas is tempted to open the door when he hears Laura knock. Realizing Violet is Finn's child by Hayden, Robert pressures him to tell Anna ASAP. Scott thinks telling Franco/Drew about Franco being molested to save Drew when they were children might get him to have the procedure that could bring back his life and memories of Franco. Cassandra tells Nickolas he'd better stop her from being extradited to The Hague. While on a work detail with Sam, Cassandra is pleased when Nikolas arrives and abducts her. As Alexis' mystery ailment continues, Kendra keeps visiting her in the hospital and lacing her food with poison. Jax and Carly agree to let Joss spend weekends at Jax's. Sasha is grateful when Carly and Michael accept her desire to make amends. Nina tells Valentin she no longer wants to search for her daughter. When Kim pays Elizabeth a visit to make amends, Elizabeth tells her to get lost. Convinced by Brad that Julian has been trying to break them up, Lucas takes comfort from Tony's ghost. Peter agrees to move in with Maxi and James. Nelle wants Martin to get her out of jail. She says she was married and widowed while on the run and she has big bucks waiting for her. Laura asks Sonny not to try and get permanent custody of Avery. Laura mentions her own mental health issues and says if she had lost her children, she would not have survived.


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